Calories In Grapes | Weight Loss Friendly Food Choice?

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Are Grapes Good For Weight Loss? 


Calories In Grapes

The seductive appearance of grapes is not only beautiful to the eye, but to the palate too. This famous key ingredient of many wines, come in all different sizes, colors and shapes. Their diverse flavor can range from sour to sweet, but what about calories in grapes? Are grapes good for weight loss? Do grapes make you put on weight? Let´s examine calories and weight loss properties of grapes in this article.

Most grapes are from the Vitis vinifera family and are packed with many health benefiting antioxidants. You surely heard of the saying that a glass of wine is healthy for your heart, which is linked to grapes antioxidant content. This claim is somewhat not 100% true but fresh grapes are still a healthy choice for a naturally sweet snack with many micronutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin C and K. 


How Many Calories Are In One Cup Of Grapes?


Below you can find the nutritional information provided by the USDA  for 1 cup (90g) of seedless grapes.


Calories: 59
Fat: 0.3g
Carbohydrates: 18g
Sodium: 1,6mg
Sugars: 14g
Fiber: 1g
Protein: 0.6g


Grapes Carbohydrates


The Majority of calories in grapes come from carbohydrates, mainly from sugars. A single grape contains about 1 gram of carbs. The glycemic index of grapes is approximately 58, while for 1 cup the glycemic load is approximately 11.2. 


Grapes Fat Content


Like most fruits, grapes have barely any fat content, containing less than 1 gram per serving.


Grapes Protein Content


Grapes just like many other fruits are very low in protein. They can be paired very well with nuts and cheese, which are rich sources of dietary protein and can serve as a tasty and balanced snack. 


Grapes Micronutrients


Grapes are very rich in manganese, vitamin K and the essential vitamin C. Vitamin C has shown to help our bodies to keep immunity high and helps in tissue restoration, such as wound healing. 



Grapes And Health Related Benefits


Calories in grapes are not only moderate to low, but they are also perfect for sweet cravings. If you are serious about losing weight and try to reduce your intake of processed sweets and foods with added sugars, grapes can serve as a very good and healthy substitute for snacks like donuts and cookies. 


Grapes May Help Your Blood Clotting


Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and healthy, strong bones. If you take blood thinners such as Warfarin, you always should monitor your vitamin K levels. Talk to a physician if you are not sure if your diet contains enough vitamin K. 


Grapes Are Rich In Antioxidants


Grapes are packed with high amounts of so-called phytonutrients. Especially it´s high resveratrol content (found in red wine and the skin of dark blue and red grapes) has gained a lot of attention in the last years. Resveratrol has shown to have many positive effects on your health such as lowering the risk for high cholesterol, blood cloot, heart issues and even on your aging process. 

These sweet fruits also contain the flavonoid quercetin, which can aid in protecting your cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. Some evidence is out there that this flavonoid offers a lot of health benefits such as being antiviral and anti-inflammatoric. 


Grapes May Boost Cognitive Function


Some examinations by research studes indicate that the consumption of dietary and/or supplemental resveratrol can help to improve cognitive performance in older adults. 


Good For Blood Sugar 


Though grapes are fruits relatively high in sugar for fruits, research has shown that resveratrol (found in dark blue, red grapes and red wine) can be supportive for people with type 2 diabetes. The exact mechanisms are not clear but it is believe that Resveratrol may has the ability to improve glycemic control and decrease insulin resistance. 


Allergic Reactions to Grapes


There are currently five known major allergens present in grapes. Allergic reactions to grapes may express in rahses, hives, swellings and in some rare instances more severe reactions. More so, if you happen to be allergic to other fruits, you may have a reaction when eating grapes, according to the American Allergy, Immunology and Asthma Academy. 




The consumption of grapes may slow down blood clotting due to their vitamin K content. It is advised not to consume large quantities of these fruits prior to surgeries. 


Different Types of Grapes


Both the American and European grape varieties are grown in the U.S. California is a hot spot for the harvest of European grapes, mainly for the production of raisins, while American grapes are mainly used in making juice, jam and other related products. 

There are a lot of varieties of grapes, white, red, black, and green. All these varieties have a unique flavor and grapes with seeds tend to have more flavor, however the majority of people still prefer grapes in their seedless variants. 

Dark colored grapes are higher in antioxidants compared to their lighter coloured counterparts. But besides from that, there is not a great difference in nutritional value of the different grape sorts. 

Keep in mind that processed grape products such as jellies, juices and jams contain more sugar than fresh grapes, because often times extra sugar is added to these products. 


Choosing The Best Grapes 


When you purchase grapes, always stay away from grapes with shrivels or mold. Always go for grapes rich in color and with firm skin. If you want the sweetest grapes go with Green grapes. Dark blue and red grapes are best when they have a vibrant rich color. 


Food Hygiene 


Many mistake that powdery-white grape coating with pesticides, but it is in fact safe to eat. That coating is also known as bloom, and is a natural substance that protects grapes from losing too much moisture and for keeping them fresh longer. 

When stored properly, grapes can stay fresh for several weeks in your refrigerator. Follow these steps to keep them fresh for long: 

Look out for signs of mold, bumps, and smell them. Grapes which are already moldy or have a vinegarish smell are not perfectly fresh anymore.

Store them cold for maintaining long freshness. Its best to place them at the back of your refrigerator (at the coldest spot) and away from  foods such as garlic as they can absorb odors.

Don´t wash them. Grapes, just like many other fruits should only be washed shortly before consuming them.  If you expose them to too much moisture by washing them, it can speed up the decay process. 

You also can freeze your grapes and use them later in your cocktails, your bowl of morning cereal or as a sweet refreshing snack for hot days. 

Preparation Ideas 


The most popular way to consume grapes is as a healthy snack, just as they are. However, they are an perfect addition for any fruit salad, in your fat-free yogurt or together with cheese and olives with a good glass of wine. 

Whole grapes can be a choking danger for small kids and infants below the age of 4 years, so make sure to always cut the grapes into small pieces before serving them to your children. 


Calories In Grapes




Calories in grapes are low enough to be suitable in any weight loss diet. However, due to their high sugar amount you should limit your daily intake.

Monitoring your sugar and carbohydrate intake is a crucial part when trying to lose weight. Diet plans like The Custom Keto Diet are specially designed in a way to enjoy high carb fruits, such as grapes and still having the ability to monitor your carb and calorie intake for maximum weight loss, without starving.