How To Lose Leg Fat? | Step-by-Step Guide

what is cellulite

Is It Possible To Lose Leg Fat?    I´ve read this question so much around the Internet so I decided to post an article about this. I too had struggled with too much leg fat. Along with my belly it was my number 1 “problem zone”. But can you actually lose fat targeting your legs? … Read more

Topamax for Weight Loss | What you need to know!

topamax for weight loss

What is Topamax?   Topiramate (Topamax) is a prescription anticonvulsant medication used in the treatment of epilepsy, migraine headaches and cluster headaches. Topamax also often is abused as an off-label medication used to treat a wide range of mood issues, eating disorders, and as an aid in substance abuse therapy. While the mechanism of Topamax … Read more

What is Cellulite? | And How To Get Rid of It?

cellulite woman

What Is Cellulite?   Cellulite is a harmless and very common, skin condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on hips, thigs, hips, abdomen and buttocks. This condition is most prevalent in women. Many people try, with mixed results, to improve their skin appearance through weight loss, exercise, massage and creams marketed as a solution to … Read more

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