How To Lose A Pound A Day | Step by Step Guide

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How To Lose A Pound A Day? All The Details

How Many Calories To Burn A Pound

One of the questions which bugs many of them who try to lose weight is, how to lose a pound a day. Weight loss can be tricky and hard at times (well old news, and water is wet.)

Also, research indicates that when you try to use physical activity and/or exercise to shed off a few unwanted pounds, your body holds you back and make it harder by spurring you to eat a tad bit more and move a little less to compensate for the energy you used on that morning swim or that outdoor walk

A group of research scientists set out to find out if there was an amount of physical activity we could do that would make a significant difference, despite the natural tendency to compensate for burned calories.

And indeed they found it, and the magical number is about twice as high as the exercise and activity recommendations for general health, which is the amount that would burn about 3,000 calories in a week. 


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This study, done by researchers from the U.K. College of Agriculture, Food and Environment had a group of obese volunteers exercise 5 days a week for 12 weeks.

The first group was instructed to burn 300 calories in a session, or about 1,500 calories a week, while the second group had to go harder and burn twice as much calories to rack up 600 calories a session, or 3,000 calories per week. 

The two tested groups ended up compensating (by eating a bit more), but at pretty much the same level, regardless of how much activity they did. The group consisting of the 1,500 calorie a week exercisers compensated by consuming an additional 942 calories per week, and the 3,000 calorie a week group by 1,007 calories per week.

No one in the 1,500 calories group lost weight, but the group burning twice as much calories each week shed an average of about 6 pounds. Although that might not sound like a lot, the majority of them shed at least 5 percent of their body fat. 

So, now that we found out how many calories are needed to burn a pound, let´s look at what does burning 3,000 calories a week look like, you might ask. The obvious and only honest answer to this is, well, it depends on your state of fitness, how intense you approach your work-outs, your body size, your muscle mass and your stamina level.


While counting calories is a proven and tested way to lose weight, many dieters still have a hard time to lose weight by only calorie counting. What´s as important but often so overlooked is the optimization of certain hormones in your body, which can raise your bodies ability to burn calories more efficient.

Good diet plans like The Custom Keto Diet, are specifically designed to optimize hormonal balance for optimal weight loss. 


The better your fitness is, the less energy (calories) you will burn in your workouts or exercise regimen. Bigger individuals tend to burn more calories, than their smaller counterparts. However, the harder you go, obviously the more energy will be burned. 

A good way to get an accurate number of your calories burned is by using a health app on your smartphone or by using a power meter, which can meassure exactly how much work you are doing and the kilojoules (which translate and convert to calories burned.)

For example: Bicycle riding burns about 500 calories an hour for a 145-pound individual going at a moderate intensity fast pace. That would add up to about 6,5 hours riding a bike per week. 


Of course, many of us can´t exercise as much as we would like during a stressful and agenda filled work week. However, you can get creative and use your small time windows you have during the work week to crank out some high intensity intervall sessions (HIIT), where you easily can burn nearly as much calories in half the time, and save those longer workout sessions for the weekend days on Saturday and Sunday.



How To Lose A Pound A Day: Final Words


Figuring out how to lose a pound a Day, is just a small piece of the puzzle. What is often overlooked by many however, is the importance of hormones and how to manipulate them for optimal body fat reduction.

A way to achieve this, is combining a tried and tested combination of  The Custom Keto Diet together with a potent natural weight loss supplement like ExiPure to maximize your weight loss results!


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