Jessica Simpson Weight Loss | How The Starlet Lost 100 Pounds!

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Jessica Simpson Incredible Weight Loss Story


Jessica Simpson Weight Loss


Jessica Simpson stunned her Instagram followers as she posed in a lycra bra and underwear, showing how she managed to completely transform her figure over the past year. 

Jessica set the tone at 17 after giving birth to her third child, Birdie Mae, in March 2019. The 39-year-old has developed a sustainable plan to help her get back into shape and gain weight after visiting trainer Harley Pasternak in LA. Last month, the trainer revealed that her exercise regime has helped her lose over 100 pounds since the birth of her third child in 2019. 

Jessica Simpson took the opportunity to flaunt her trim figure on Friday as she celebrated the final days of her 30s. The 39-year-old singer stunned in a photo posted to Instagram showing off her revealing two-piece suit. Jessica shared the photo and said she has lost about 100 pounds since giving birth to her third child, Birdie Mae, six months ago. 

She also shared that she is weighing 240 pounds and feeling weight loss again, but she also shared a picture of herself with her daughter Birdie Mae and her husband Jason Simpson. 

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How Did Jessica Simpson Lose So Much Weight?


Liz Josefsberg is currently the founder and director of the Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Center in New York City. Liz is probably best known for helping the Oscar-winning actress and musician lose weight and change her life. Before starting her own consulting firm as a wellness expert, she worked as an assistant to celebrities such as Beyonce, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez. She is currently the director and co-founder of Jessica Simpson’s weight loss center. 

She has also helped Jessica Simpson lose 50 pounds of baby weight twice and another 50 pounds of it twice. The fitness guru revealed that Simpson was not looking for a transitional solution, but a life plan for wellness. After helping Simpson lose her post – baby weights – Pasternak was on Simpson’s busy schedule as she became a mother to three young children.


I kind of helped her get back from the baby, but it was a little different because she said the scales tipped post-delivery, “Pasternak told People magazine. Earlier this week, singer and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson revealed how she lost 100 pounds. I have worked with her for so many years and she has lost over 100 pounds. 

Now Simpson’s trainer Harley Pasternak has revealed what has helped her shed so many pounds in such a short time. Instead of hitting hardcore gyms, Harley and Jessica are focusing on a holistic lifestyle approach. 

According to nutritionist Jessica continues to exercise to help with her weight loss and has a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps every day. Simpson follows a diet plan outlined by Pasternak in his book Body and also has goals to achieve her walking goals, according to her. Simpson has lost weight in less than a year thanks to her diet change, steps and sleep routine. 


Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Journey


Jessica Simpson Weight Loss


Jessica has been very open about her fluctuating weight over the years and has never been shy of being candid and honest with her fans about how she has struggled to shed pounds, especially after her three pregnancies. The Inquisitor reported back in September, when the singer and fashion mogul announced she had lost over 100 pounds following the birth of her third child with husband Eric Johnson. 

In several Instagram photos from September 2019, Jessica Simpson revealed her weight loss and gain following the birth of her third child with husband Eric Johnson. In an Instagram post, she confirmed that the scale had tipped over 240 pounds once when she was expected, but once she tipped the scale at 240 pounds. 

Her coach Harley Pasternak set the record straight with five key habits she incorporated into her daily routine. She shared her tips on how to achieve your step goals, forgo technology for an hour, eat a healthy diet, such as “The Custom Keto Diet“, get sleep and more. 

Jessica Simpson’s trainer has told how she got back into shape after giving birth to her third child. She lost over 100 pounds and showed off her new figures on social media, as well as a photo of herself with her newborn baby. 

Jessica Simpson’s nutritionist has revealed what has helped the singer lose an impressive 100 pounds. The singer-turned-actress and businesswoman lost weight after giving birth to her third child with husband Eric Johnson. 

In a new interview Liz Josefsberg, who helped the star shed the pounds after welcoming her third child with Eric, revealed that Jessica was able to slim down and return to her pre-baby body thanks to her diet and fitness routine.

Speaking to Hollywood Life this week, Liz explained that a combination of good food and exercise played a part in her massive weight loss. I usually eat three times a day, ‘the dietitian revealed to the magazine, revealing that Jessica had followed the Weight Watchers plan for losing the baby after her first two pregnancies.







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