KetoFast Review | Scam or Helpful Weight Loss Book?

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KetoFast by Dr. Joseph Mercola


Keto Fast


The latest book from Dr. Joseph Mercola, named KetoFast, promises to have exactly the right solution for everyone who wants to improve his health through alternative medicine and diet. KetoFast, like the name already implies, promises to improve health and to promote weight loss by following a ketogenic diet. 

Does KetoFast provide a solid step-by-step guide to weight loss or is it a scam and not worth your money? Lets find out in this review.



About KetoFast


The Book KetoFast was written by controversial physician Dr. Joseph Mercola. The controversies around Dr. Mercola stem from his tendencies towards alternative medicine supplements, which has him got some issues with the FDA – The Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Mercola was accused of making illegal claims regarding multiple products he sells online. 

However, despite the public controversy surrounding The University of Illinois educated physician, Dr. Mercola has a faithful following. He is the author of multiple books and belongs to the Association of American Surgerons and Physicians.

He is known for criticizing that prescription medicine is far too often prescribed and in an exaggerated manner which wouldnt (according to him) be necessary to treat certain conditions. He leans more toward giving patients freedom of choice and teaching them about homeophatic and alternative approaches. 




What is KetoFast? 


A Book from Dr. Joseph Mercola which advocates for fasting times combined with a ketogenic diet, to achieve weight loss and improve mental functions, amongst other benefits. 

Dieters are supposed to reduce their body fat, improve their cholesterol levels and blood pressure and improve their health problems by following KetoFast.


Some of the Information KetoFast is going into detail about, are the following:


  • Why food can make you ill 
  • How to activate stem cells through fasting 
  • The safety of fasting 
  • The Benefit of appetite suppression by fasting 
  • Ketogenic Eating for Weight Loss



Does KetoFast Come With Meal Ideas? 


Dr. Joseph Mercola´s book does not go into detail about ingredients but offers a separate KetoFast cook book on Amazon, which is currently available for $ 24,99, which is quite disappointing in our opinion. 


KetoFast Diet



Does KetoFast Work For Weight Loss? 


KetoFast combines two of the most powerful weight loss methods: Ketogenic eating and fasting. Ketogenic Diets require you to cut down on carbohydrates. After some transition time, your body will then use ketones instead of glycogen (sugar from carbs) from energy. For your body to use produce ketones, it has to split available fat acids into ketones, either from the fat you consumed or the fat you stored in your body. 

Fasting is another proven approach for weight loss. Several studies found evidence that fasting can help you lose weight and improve longeivity amongst many other health benefits, however, fasting can also pose dangers your health, so be sure to always talk to a doctor or physician before you make any change in diet and meal frequency, like fasting. 

Like with any other diet, your weight loss success depends on how strict you follow the program. Keep in mind, that KetoFast from Dr. Joseph Mercola is more an educational book and not a complete guide to weight loss like “The Custom Keto Diet“, which also provides the necessary information on meal planning and ketogenic meal ideas, to help you lose weight quick and sustain it in the long run. 

If you want to learn about how your body functions while fasting and following a ketogenic diet, you will get an informative book for only $ 11.99 which is written by a doctor. 

However, if you are looking for a step-by-step guide to successfully start your ketogenic diet, which also includes recipes and meal plans, you will need a holistic and complete approach, like “The Custom Keto Diet“. 



KetoFast Reviews


KetoFast Reviews on Amazon are mixed but mainly positive with 4 out of 5 starts. 


A user on Amazon gave 5 stars and wrote:


I read most of the book in 24 hours. The Book clear and well written. It is laid out in an easy and digestible format.

The Book provides solid and well researched information. I am doing fasting for decades and am also a following a ketogenic diet. I feel that this book brings many missing points that have the potential for people to create a wellness plan that is easy to implement on a long term basis. What I also liked about Dr. Joseph Mercola´s KetoFast Book is that although it may be a big change for some, it has smaller changes to make initial adjustments first, so that even someone new to fasting and a ketogenic diet could get on board.


Another user on Amazon gave 1 star and wrote:


The Book is not inspiring at all. KetoFast is a poor book with lots of science that may be interesting to some, but little effort has went in to the book by the author to make it easy for someone to follow a ketogenic food protocol!



KetoFast Weight Loss





KetoFast by Dr. Joseph Mercola is indeed a very interesting book. If you want to learn more about the scientifical aspect of a ketogenic diet and fasting, this book is an interesting read. But neither is something new under the sun nor is it providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to lose weight by following a keto diet. This book might be a good addition if you are already following a ketogenic diet, like “The Custom Keto Diet” but wouldnt help you much with weight loss, especially if you are new to ketogenic diets. 

Ketogenic diets work, Fasting does work as well! If you are healthy enough to combine them and are able to exercise regularly, this can be the strongest weapon in any weight loss arsenal (also talking from personal experience). Boosting your metabolism to maximum performance by implementing solid fat burning supplements such as Trimtone or Zotrim, can equal in massive weight loss on a weekly basis.