Keto Slim X Review | Another Keto Diet Pill Scam?

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Keto Slim X Introduction


Keto Slim X


Getting into shape by reducing body fat is a hard endeavour for many and Keto Slim X is yet another product which claims to be able to exactly do that. Additional fat around the body makes many of us depressive and can lead to serious health problems. According to many studies, being overweight and obese prompts practically 80% of physical diseases.

To counter this problem, there are many weight loss supplements available on the Internet. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the offers and claims these products make. Unfortunately this also opens the door for many scam products.  

By now it is no secret anymore that the ketogenic diet, is one of the most popular and successful diets out there. It gained massive traction and popularity around the millenium, with the Atkins Diet being one of the first “ketogenic diets” around.

Ketogenic Diets simply work. Still. But being such a household name for weight loss, it is no wonder that there are more and more supplement companies which want to profit of the popularity of the ketogenic diet, by producing shady products with the label “ketogenic” or “keto” on it.


Do Keto Pills Work Without A Keto Diet?


Altough many of these pills claim to work without a ketogenic diet, it is highly doubtable. 

As we elaborated in our article about Keto Trim & Shark Tank Keto Pills, so called Keto Diet Pills are most likely scam products with no impact on ketosis what so ever. Upon examination of the ingredients of Keto Trim we found modified minerals like Magnesium, which you would get in any cheap walmart vitamin product. 

The process of Ketosis is a highly complex change your body goes through and is attained by cutting down comsumption of starches, carbs and sugars. It takes your body a few days to switch from the carb-burning for energy mode, to ketosis which will burn fat for energy, first the fat you consume and then your body fat stores.



Ketosis can be controlled and measured by so called Keto Sticks. Small strips with color indicators which have to be soaked in urine. Once you have reached ketosis, you can keep that state as long as you stick to the dietary requirements and carbohydrate intake limits.

As soon as you start to exceed the carbohydrate intake limits, your body will kick you out of ketosis within a few days. This gives you somewhat a factor of control. 


If you rely on Keto Pills like Keto Slim X, this level of control is not apparent anymore. You will never have a guarantee if you have reached ketosis only by taking so called Keto Pills. The process of ketosis is a big shift for our complex bodies, which can take up a week.

A shift so complex wont be attained by the ingredients of common weight loss or ketogenic pills. Even if it were possible to get you into ketosis by using certain pills, you would have to follow a ketogenic diet anyways because as soon as you consume carb heavy meals, the effect of ketosis would negate itself within a few days and sometimes even the same day. Thats just science!  

Diet Pills like Keto Slim X may possibly support your weight loss if you are already follow a ketogenic diet, but standalone? We believe that wont happen. In our opinion it would be more reasonable to save the money to buy quality organic ketogenic groceries for a week or two. 



Keto Slim X Reviews


There are onlya few honest reviews of keto pills like Keto Slim X on the Internet. Most of the review are made by people affiliated to these brands. These Reviewers are often easy to spot because they wont mention any downsides or studies to back up their claims or review these products overly positive. So we advise you to be careful where you get your reviews from. 



Are Weight Loss Supplements Useless? 


Yes and No. It all depends on what these products claim. In 2021 there still is no magic pill which will make you lose weight out of nowhere. Quality Fat Burning Supplements such as Trimtone or Zotrim, can help with weight loss but only if you are willing to have your diet in check and are willing and able to workout regularly. 

These Supplements have ingredients like Caffeine, Green Tea Extract or Rhodiola Rosea which are proven to raise your metabolic activity which at the end of the day can result in increased fat loss.



Keto Slim Reviews



They can make the difference between sticking to a diet or giving up, but they are just a small piece to the puzzle, which wont do much for you without the proper diet and exercise. 

Keep an eye out for the return policy of these products, which is a good way for you to tell if you are faced with a trusted brand. 



The Custom Keto Diet” for example, offers a 60-Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Trimtone & Zotrim even offer a 100-Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!!!





Its better to avoid Diet Pills like Keto Slim X and stick to less experimental products, which come with science backed ingredients and which are already around for some time. If you want to support your weight loss journey by boosting your metabolism to burn more fat, stick to products with proven ingredients such as Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Cayenne, Capsicum, Rhodiola etc. 

Paired with a legit ketogenic diet, such as “The Custom Keto Diet” you follow the tried and tested route for weight loss. Many had incredible weight loss success with a ketogenic diet such as celebrities like Twitch Star GreekgodX.

Sticking to a diet requires discipline (altough The Custom Keto Diet comes with super good and easy food ideas, which will keep you happy and saturated) but is the more so rewarding when you see your pounds drop on the scale. You can tweak your weight loss endeavours and squeeze out some extra pounds with legit fat burning supplements, but you will still have to put in the work for that.