Free Metabolic Age Chart | What Does It Say About Your Health?

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What Is Metabolic Age?


Metabolic Age


You may have been aware of the term metabolic age and how it affects your health. Be that as it may, what is metabolic age, how can it be measured, and what does it truly mean?

Your metabolic age is the means by which your basal metabolic rate (BMR), or the number of calories your body burns at rest, in comparison to the average BMR for individuals of your chronological age in the rest of the population.

Keep studying this expose, as we investigate the hypothesis behind metabolic age, how it affects your wellbeing, and how you can transform it.


What Does Your Metabolic Age Tell You?


BMR is only one estimation of an individual’s general wellbeing and health. 

It is a calculation of ones Basal Metabolic Rate in comparison with the average Basal Metabolic Rate of your age group. Your BMR calculates your caloric baseline. However, neither one of the measures factors in body arrangement appropriately.

For instance, an athlete with a ton of lean muscle mass could wind up with a comparative assessed BMR or BMI as somebody without a similar build.

Presently, there aren’t many study based investigations of metabolic age.



Metabolic Age


Difference Between Metabolic Age & Chronological Age


The chronological age, basically, is the number of calender years you’ve been alive. The approach referred to as “chronological age” is one way to check your fitness level in comparison with your companions.

Simply put: Metabolic age referrs to your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) compared to other individuals in the same age group. 

On the off chance that your metabolic age is lower than your sequential age, that is presumably a decent sign. On the off chance that it’s higher, you might need to investigate your dietary propensities and exercise schedule.


How Do You Reduce Your Metabolic Age? 


There are several ways to reduce your metabolic age. Most of the ways are already well known in the world of health and fitness. 


  • Resistance Training To Build Lean Muscle Mass


  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day 



  • Eating spicy foods


  • Coffee 


  • Green Tea


  • Foods rich in Iron, Zinc and Selenium


  • Cacao


A ketogenic diet, not only aids in maintaining and building muscle mass but makes your body burn more calories during digestion. The process of digestion also burns calories, and due to the nature that your body needs to put more effort in digesting proteins, this results in burning more calories, without doing anything. 

It is important to consume enough protein, especially when you are exercising and dieting. Lean muscle mass is a major factor for a healthy metabolism, because muscle mass burns calories 24 hours a day, even when you rest or sleep. By building and maintaining muscle mass by providing your muscles enough protein, your body will have enough ressources for weight loss. 

On the other hand, dieting and exercising while only focusing on low-fat foods are demetrial for your weight loss goals. Your muscle mass will reduce itself over time which means that your metabolism will subsequently get slower.


For example: Lets say, your daily calorie baseline is 2100 calories. This means your body burns 2100 calories without you doing anything, just for keeping your body alive and breathing. Your overall activity burns 600 calories a day = 2700 calories daily.

When you eat 2400 calories you still are in a caloric deficite of 300 calories, which means that your body has to burn the difference in calories from the stored energy in your body. 

If you gradually lose muscle mass your daily calorie baseline drops. For this example lets say it drops to 1750 calories. If wee add your 600 calories a day for your daily activity level, you would gain weight eating 2400 calories because your daily caloric needs for maintaining weight are now set to 2350 calories. Check out our Maintenance Calorie Calculator to calculate your exact caloric baseline and daily value based on baseline + activity. 

Being in a caloric deficit is of course one of the most important things when trying to lose weight. However it is only a part of the puzzle and not each calorie is treated equally in the body. Like we mentioned before, certain calorie sources such as proteins need more energy (calories burned) to be processed in the body. 

Besides, hormonal activity is also very important for weight loss. An optimal hormonal environment will boost your metabolism and your daily caloric baseline. 

Fat burning supplements like Trimtone or Burn Evolved contain ingredients which are metabolically active. These ingredients trigger the production of certain hormones like noradrenaline, which in turn raise your metabolic activity. 

Using Fat burning supplements on their own without having your diet and activitiy in check, will still raise your metabolism but only for a few -% which wont result in significant weight loss. However, paired with diet and exercise the effects will be much more prevalent. 

Not only does activity potentiate the effects of these fat burning supplements but you will feel more energized by the production of noradrenaline, which will give the energy to perform harder in the gym, which again will result in more calories burned. 



Negative Hormonal Environment For Weight Loss


Heigthened levels of Cortisol, the Stress Hormone, is known to decrease muscle mass while favouring the storage of fat in your body. Cortisol is high when we experience a lot of stress or too less sleep, thats why it is important in any serious diet or weight loss journey to get plenty of sleep. 

Another hormone which impacts weight loss negatively is Insuline. Insuline is the storage hormone. While Insuline is elevated it not only “locks” your fat cells and prevents them from freeing fat acids from your body to be burned up, but also opens them up for storing fat. 

Ketogenic Diets, like “The Custom Keto Diet” keep your insuline levels low by reducing carbohydrate intake, thus making it easier for your body to release body fat to be burned up for energy. 

High carbohydrate meals will convert into glycogen in your body. Our muscles need glycogen to produce energy but they are filled a lot faster than fat cells. Once filled the excess glycogen will be converted into fat and stored in your body fat depots. 

Whats worse, eating high carbohydrate meals together with high fat meals will potentiate the negative effects on your weight because not only will the excess glycogen be stored as fat but also your fat cells will be opened by insuline and all the excess consumed fat will be stored directly in your body fat cells. 



Why Is My Metabolic Age Older Than My Actual Age? 


Metabolic Age Free Calculator


Metabolic rate constantly decreases with age, because after the age of  30, muscle tissue will decline by 5 up to 10% each decade. Your BMR decreases when you are losing weight but when you gain or maintain healthy levels of muscle mass, your BMR either increases or stays at baseline. 

You can´t counter the process of muscle tissue decline because of age. But it is up to you to minimize the decline by exercising regularly, feeding your muscles protein rich foods and geting plenty of sleep.




Although calculating your metabolic age is somewhat not an 100% accurate measurement of your current state, it definitely can give you an indication of your current health status. 

The true and tested ways to influence your metabolic age are the implementation of certain foods, nutrients and ingredients which maintain or build lean muscle mass, optimizing your hormonal enviroment for fat loss and other important circumstances like reducing stress and getting enough sleep. 

Coffee and spices can also positively impact your metabolism, you rather can choose to implement these in your daily diet, or you look out for solid weight loss supplements like Trimtone or Zotrim, which pack some of these ingredients in convenient pills. 

Diets low in protein, alcohol and low physical activity will increase your metabolic age by reducing your muscle mass and by elevating cortisol. 


Metabolic Age Chart