Modere Review | Another MLM Scam or Good For Weight Loss?

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Modere Review Introduction


You might already have heard about Modere, a company which is offering supplements, but are they actually a legit business or just another scam in the endless realm of health and weight loss products? Lets dive down deeper in this Modere Review!


What Is Modere? 


Modere is specialized in producing wellness and health products such as the popular Modere Trim product, besides also in producing green household products which are approved to be environmentally friendly in many ways. Modere´s health products are available for external and internal application, such as shampoos, vitamins and detergents.

Their products can be purchased through their e-commercde store on the Internet. During our investigation Modere products where also listed at Amazon, but many were currently out of stock. 

Modere operate and ships to Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia, by having different webstores for these parts of the world. ( , etc…) Regarding their Modere Weight Loss product line M3, their supplements use proven ingredients, which can be found in the few legit weight loss supplemenents on the market. 

In terms of weight loss, Modere uses common ingredients in their weight loss supplements such as: Caffeine, Green Tea and Green Coffee Beans, which also can be found in Trimtone & Zotrim. Its nice to see that Modere relies on solid and proven weight loss ingredients for their products instead of flashy sounding & ingredients with little to no effect. 



About The Company


Modere was formery known under the company name Neways, which likewise has offered similar products for over nearly two decades before they rebranded themselves with the name Modere.

The company decided to mainly sell their products using their distribution network rather than going for the common ways. However, unlike many other companies which are operating with a similar system, Modere offers its products online on their webstore as well. Many companies who went the same route had success with such model, by raising public brand awareness and attracting potential marketers to market their products. 

This brand claims to stand out by creating sustainable and healthy products for home & body & hygiene, which were manufactured with thought and without the usage of dangerous substances and chemicals which can be harmful to body and environment. Modere still is living this philosophy and dont incorporate certain chemicals in their new products, to protect enviroment and customers alike. 

Besides, having their own online story and having Modere products listed on Amazon, the company uses an MLM marketing model to sell its goods. MLM, short for Multi-Level-Marketing, normally operate by relying only on independent marketers, entrepreneurs, smaller companies, influencers or just private people with a lot of friends. They do not receive a classical, regular income but are paid on a commision earn model by selling their products and winning new distributors.

This is also commonly referred as a pyramid scheme. Most of MLM businesses generate more revenue from their distributors signing up new distributors rather from single product sales to end customers. As the pyramid gets more broad at the bottom, new distributors often times have a hard time selling and generating new distributors which result in financial loss for distributors at the bottom of the pyramid.


Modere Weight Loss

What Products Is Modere Selling? 


The company is specialized in selling a broad selection of products for household purposes and personal purposes and are mainly targeted on a female audience. Their line of hygiene products include goods like: Air fresheners, hand soaps, detergents, clean wipes and more. Modere wants to stand out by offering these products with an certificate which confirms their products to be friendly on the environment by implementing of packaging with can be recycled and by cutting out dangerous and poisonous chemicals. 

Another good thing to note, is, that this company produces BPA-Free products, and products which werent tested on animals. Their personal care product line contains soap products, toners, make up removal products, serums, hair conditioner, anti-aging creams and body lotion.

More so, this company is offering goods such as shaving cream, toothpaste and mouthwater. The philosophy of not using harmful substances in their products also extend to these products. 


Modere Reviews


Customer Reviews on Modere products are mixed. When collecting relevant data you find some customers who didnt like the taste and effectiveness of these products, while others were impressed.  Some of the Modere reviews we gathered looked something like this:


  • Very easy to follow
  • Lost 13 pounds 
  • Energizing effect without cravings and jitters 


other reviews looked like this: 

  • Was only able to lose two pounds in seven weeks
  • I am dissapointed 
  • Nasty taste for the Vanilla drink option


Personal taste is subjective and different from each individual to individual, and such reviews can be found for every product. Its never likely that 100% of customers will have the same experience when they try out a new product. Same goes with the weight loss experience of certain products, because not everyone will equally put in the work to achieve optimal weight loss. What can be pointed out however, is the high price tag for Modere products. 

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Modere Weight Loss Products 


Modere also offers a figure line, where they offer figure shaping and weight loss related goods such as meal replacement shakes, probiotics, carb blocker, whey protein and multivitamins. Modere offers the M3 program, a collection of products which claim to holistically help you in your weight loss endeavours. Some of the ingredients of their M3 program products are: 


  • Green Tea Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Caffeine
  • Maltodextrin
  • Magnesium streatate
  • Stevia
  • Oat Bran
  • Plant Protein


These ingredients are some of the contents of the M3 program, which were designed to help you with weith loss in conjunction with a healthy ketogenic, like “The Custom Keto Diet“. There are three major categories of weight loss supplements in Modere´s M3 system: 


  • “Burn” Fat Burning Supplement
  • “Sustain” Protein Shakes 
  • “Sync” Fiber Drinks for Saturation


Modere Reviews

Their fat burning supplement are administered in pills, while their protein product “Sustain” and their fiber drink shake “Sync” are powder drink for mixing. During collecting information for this review, we found that the Modere store is somewhat confusing and hard to navigate. It was not easy and intuitive to pin point the exact products immediately. 


However, we found that their fat burning supplement “Burn” costs $ 58.30 for a 1 month supply – While having virtually the same ingredients as Trimtone which costs $ 49.95 for a 1 months supply and comes with a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee. 


Sustain costs $ 59.99 and Sync is priced at $ 59.99. Although we already seen companies with much higher price tags for similar products, Modere products can be considered pricy compared to other brands. 




Does Modere Work for Weight Loss? 


They do, if everything else is in check as well. It is known and proved that ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract and green bean coffee extract can aid in weight loss, thats why solid weight loss supplements such as Trimtone and Zotrim are also containing these ingredients. Protein shakes can be handy as well for weight loss.

Consuming enough protein prevents loss of muscle and can aid in building muscle. Muscle tissue is metabolicaly active and burns calories at rest. The more muscle mass, the more calories are burned at rest and vice versa. Thats why ketogenic diets, such as “The Custom Keto Diet” work so well, because they require you to consume enough protein. 

Meal replacement shakes can also be a good idea and can work for weight loss, given they are not overloaded with carbohydrates and sugars, the same goes for protein shakes. Modere protein shakes are sweetened with stevia, so they would fit good in a ketogenic diet. 

All in all, we already seen a lot of less impressive product lines from companies who sell weight loss related products, like in the case of certain keto diet pillsModere sticks to the fundamental and basics of weight loss and this for itself would be a good and positive thing if not…

How To Lose A Pound A Day



…the price of their products would be so hefty. Like mentioned above Modere is not trying to impress you with flashy new ingredients and products which claim to be the new weight loss miracle, we all have been waiting for.

That being said, sticking to basic weight loss ingredients, which are around for some time and actually work, should also be priced as such. Modere likes to position itself as a provider of “premium” and “luxury” products, and they do stand out with their sustainable policy and how they handle the usage of chemicals and harmful toxics in their products, but does that justify the hefty price tags?

You be the judge! Their M3 progam for weight loss is a solid but basic approach to weight loss, which can be purchased by combining weight loss supplements like Trimtone or Zotrim with a good protein powder and fiber product from Amazon, for almost half the price.