Perfect Keto Review | Scam or Legit Weight Loss Support?

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Perfect Keto Overview


Perfect Keto


Supplements can be a good addition to any health or diet plan, but what about exogenous ketones like Perfect Keto? There are tried and proven weight loss supplements on the market and other minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin D which without a doubt can help you in your weight loss journey.

Keto Diet supplements have gained a lot of recognition and outreach lately, by getting featured in TV-Shows such as Shark Tank. If you are already following a ketogenic diet, you know exactly how important it is to be in ketosis in order to burn fat for energy, but what about products like Perfect Keto? Are they able to bring you into ketosis? Lets find out in this review. 



What is Perfect Keto?


Perfect Keto was designed to give you the benefits of exogenous ketones but claims being more affordable and better tasting than its competitors. 

Like in most of the other keto diet pills, the main ingredients in Perfect Keto are so called beta hydroxybutyrate, in short BHB. BHB is a ketone that your metabolism uses for energy in a ketogenic diet. Your body can produce ketones as a main energy provider by breaking down fat. Ketones then replace glycogen (sugar) as a primary source of energy.

This is Good News, because in order for your body to generate these ketones, it has to break down body fat stores sooner or later. Beta hydroxybutyrate are supposed to raise the ketone levels in your blood, which are also linked to elevated energy levels, focus and mood. 

Some compare the usage of supplemental ketones with carb-heavy snacks, like energy-bars for runners, claiming it gives them a fast and readily available performance boost, but we couldnt find any science to back up these claims.





Perfect Keto Review


Whats important to point out is that Perfect Keto doesnt advocate its product as a magical fat burning supplement like many other Keto Diet Pill manufacturers. However, many review sites on the Internet dont provide an honest review of such products because many of them are affiliated in one way or another with these manufacturers. And although there is nothing wrong with that (we finance ourselves as well by ads and affiliate products to provide you good quality content and reviews), it always should be in an honest manner and not just mainly focused around selling a product. 

Keto Diet pills such as Perfect Keto might help you in your weight loss journey BUT it all depends on what you expect from them.

One thing is for certain: Perfect Keto and similar diet pills wont bring you into ketosis on their own. Ketosis is a complex and complicated transition your whole body goes through, when you force your body to use fat (ketones) for energy instead of carbohydrates. By depleting your glycogen stores, your body need to look out for alternative energy sources – in the case of a ketogenic diet: Fat! 

On their own, Ketogenic diet pills are pretty useless and a waste of money. They may boost your energy levels while you are already following a ketogenic diet, like “The Custom Keto Diet” but wont do much for weight loss on their own. 



Keep in mind, that your body produces ketones by breaking down consumed fat and body fat tissue. So, whats the point then in providing your body with exogenous ketones? The last thing you want in a ketogenic diet is stopping your body from breaking down your body fat cells, but that what is going to happen if you supply your body with exogenous ketones. Your body has no reason anymore to break down fat cells for ketone production, if you provide it with exogenous ketone sources. 



Perfect Keto Flavors 


Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base comes in five different flavor options: 


  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel



Where To Buy Perfect Keto?


During the time we published this article, Perfect Keto was not on stock on Amazon but can be purchased through their official website.






What Does Perfect Keto Cost? 


Their exogenous ketone base supplement costs $ 39.99.



Are There Alternatives?


The Weight Loss supplement market is one of the biggest markets in the health industry. For decades companies try to push another revolutionary weight loss supplement, only to vanish a few years after. Tried and tested ways to losing weight havent changed, after all our bodies have remained the same and so has the science of weight loss.


Major weight loss factors have remained the same, such as: 


  • Caloric Restriction 


If you exceed your daily caloric needs, your body will store the excess amount of calories in form of energy. Your body will first fill your glycogen stores in your muscle tissue. However, these stores are filled pretty quick. After they cant hold anymore glycogen, your body then will start to store excess calories in the form of body fat. 

To prevent this from happen, you need to meet your daily caloric needs or stay below your caloric needs (if you want to lose weight). This can be achieved either by eating less, exercising more or by a combination of both. 


  • Ketogenic Diet 


As we have learned a ketogenic diet makes it easier for your body to burn fat, by forcing your body to produce energy by breaking down fat instead of producing energy from stored glycogen. If you eat high amounts of carbohydrates your body will have unlimited access to glycogen and wont bother to burn up fat for energy. 


  • Hormonal Environment 


An optimal hormonal environment, while often overlooked, is also very important for optimal weight loss. This starts at the basic level of providing your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, either by vitamin supplements or by following a holistic diet plan such as “The Custom Keto Diet” which incorporates healthy fats, proteins and nutritious sources of vegetables. Keep in mind that natural vitamin and mineral sources are always superior to supplemental vitamins and minerals. 

Insulin and Cortisol also play a major role in weight loss. Insulin is high when we eat carbohydrates and acts as a storage hormone. More so, when Insulin is high it opens up your (fat) cells to store excess energy but at the same time locks these cells to prevent them from releasing body fat.

Excess sugar will be converted into body fat. Eating high carbohydrate meals together with high fat meals, such as fast food, forces your body to not only convert the excess carbohydrates into sugar but also to store the consumed fat in your body fat cells. 

Cortisol, the so-called stress hormone favours fat storage in the body, especially around the hip area, belly area and waist area. Cortisol peaks when we experience arousal, stress, anxiety and also when we experience a lack of sleep. 


perfect keto scam


There are certain hormones which favour weight loss such as prescription drugs such as T3, a thyroid hormone, because the thyroid plays an important role in weight loss. However, never mess with thyroid hormones, except you get clearance from your physician or doctor. 

Another hormone which favours weight loss is norepinephrine, or generally known as adrenaline. These hormone is firing up your metabolism to burn more calories at rest and more calories while working out, by providing you with more energy to go harder.

Coffee for example has the ability to raise norepinephrine. 

Modern weight loss supplements such as Trimtone and Zotrim contain metabolic active ingredients such as Coffee, Green Tea and Grains of Paradise which have shown to fire up your metabolism to burn extra calories each day, especially when working out.


These supplements follow a simple but proven equation:


  • Raising norephinephrine – Your body burns more calories at rest 
  • Giving you more energy for your workouts: Your Body burns more calories while you are to workout longer


The few legit fat burning supplements on the market unfortunately gained a bad reputation because of many scam products, and because of false claims and promises made by their manufacturers. The best fat burner on the market wont make you lose weight by just doing nothing and not having your diet in check, but they can make the difference between sticking to a weight loss and fitness program or giving up. After all each pound counts, to stay motivated!




If weight loss is your main concern, ketone supplements such as Perfect Keto, Keto Trim, Keto Slim X or Rapid Keto etc. wont help you much in your weight loss journey. Not only that but in my opinion it is highly counterintuitive to provide your body with exogenous ketones when this is the last thing you want on a ketogenic diet. You would want your body to break down fat to get his ketones, you agree?

Save your money either for buying fresh organic groceries for your ketogenic meals or try out fat burning supplements with science backed ingredients such as Trimtone and Zotrim which wont interfere your body in breaking down fat cells for ketone production. 

If, however, you are looking out for a supplement which solely raises your energy levels when following a ketogenic diet, keto diet pills such as Perfect Keto might have their place.