Rapid Weight Gain | Holidays Season Downer

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Gained Weight During Holiday Season? 


If you have experienced sudden weight gain lately you may be a little confused and not quite sure what to do.

Rapid weight gain can be a sign of many things and you do need to get to the bottom of the weight gain and see what you may be able to do to reverse the trend.

The first thing you do need to do is to stop and be 100% honest with yourself. First check out if that “unexpected” weight gain really is happening for no apparent reason.

It is very easy to slow down on your workout routine or start eating a little more without being totally aware of it.

Before you panic, make sure that you haven’t fallen into that trap.

If you can honestly say that your weight gain has nothing to do with some lifestyle changes that you didn’t realize you were making, then your next step should be to visit your doctor.


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Check Your Hormones

If you are gaining weight for no apparent reason, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

It is very possible that you are experiencing a weight gain because of some hormonal imbalance.

If that is the case, it may be fairly easy to reverse the trend. Of course, you will still need to do the things necessary to lose the weight you have already gained, but at least you won’t continue to gain weight.

One of the most typical but overlooked reasons for a sudden weight gain is hypothyroidism.

This condition is caused by an under active thyroid gland which can translate into a weight gain for no apparent reason.

The good news is that if this is what is going on your doctor can easily detect it with a blood test.

This condition is generally easy to treat and will require you to take medications that will help stabilize your thyroid function.

These medications are only about $4 a month for the generic so cost won’t be a big issue either.

So, if you do find that you have hypothyroidism, you can curtail the unexplained weight gain.



But How To Lose The Extra Pounds?

Now, it is time to lose whatever excess weight your condition has caused you to gain. That too can be fairly easy.

You can basically accomplish this in three ways: eat fewer calories, or burn more calories, cut down carbohydrates by following a ketogenic diet. 


To lose weight you simply need to lower your carbohydrate and calorie intake. Ketogenic diets like “The Custom Keto Diet” have helped many people and celebrities like Greekgodx and Gabourey Sidibe to lose weight. 


The Custom Keto Diet


Followed and executed properly these things will allow you to lose weight.

Since we all learned that our bodies need a variety nutrients to function at a high level and since we also know that keeping our body on the move and getting exercise helps it to stay strong, it only makes sense to combine both, a proper diet and exercising in any weight loss plan.

Keep in mind: If you witness unexpected weight gain it is most likely nothing very serious and your doctor should be able to diagnose it for you.

Once you know the reason behind rapid weight gain than all you have to do is make a few changes to lose the weight you’ve already gained.


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