Weight Gain from Birth Control Pills | Fact Or Fiction?

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Fact or Fiction?


weight gain on birth control pills


If you´ve ever taken oral contraceptives – or considered taking them – you´ve might have wondered if you will gain weight. After all, your bestie laments that she gained 11 pounds after taking the pill in college, and your work colleague swears that her breasts swelled up double their size just after a couple of months taking them.

But while there are many myths surrounding weight gain from birth control pills are rife among women, reality is that there isn´t research which support these claims.

A review from 2014 controlled 49 studies and saw no difference in weight gain between women on the contraceptive patch or the pill  and women who didn´t take it. Researches even examined material comparing sorts of pill and found no evidence that one was more or less likely to trigger weight gain than another.

However, added pounds still remain one among women´s biggest worries about contraception – more so in order that a 2016 study of the Penn State College of drugs study concluded that it had been driving some women´s choices.


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Weight Gain on Birth Control Pills?


Like any urban myth, this one features a whiff of truth. When birth pills were first invented within the 1960s, they contained very high levels of both estrogen and progestin — up to 5 times the quantity of what’s in contraceptives today. In high doses, those hormones can cause weight gain because they cause fluid retention, which ends up therein bloated, difficulty-buttoning-up-your-pants feeling.

There’s also some evidence that progestin may increase appetite. But while this might are the norm 50 years ago, today’s low-hormone pills should have minimal, if any, such effects.



Weight Gain From Birth Control Pills



You also don’t have to worry if you’re on most progestin-only sorts of contraception, including the mini pill or a progestin implant or IUD. A 2016 review of twenty-two studies concluded that there was little evidence of weight gain in women using these products compared with those using other contraception methods.

The sole exception? The progestin-only Depo-Provera shot, which is run every three months to stop ovulation. One University of Texas study found that ladies who used this method gained a mean of 11 pounds and increased their body fat by 3.4 percent over three years.

Also they were about twice as likely as women taking other non-hormonal or hormonal methods to become obese.


How to lose weight from birth control?


If you’ve experienced some moderate weight gain (4 to 11 pounds) since you’ve on the pill, talk to your doctor. There are women who are very sensitive to estrogen and can gain some water weight from fluid retention.

In many cases, this fades on its own after about three months. If it doesn’t, you’ll switch to the contraception pills Yaz, Yasmin, or Beyaz. All three contain a selected sort of progesterone, drospirenone, which acts sort of a diuretic and helps get obviate extra fluid.

You can also always switch to a totally hormone-free, long-term contraception like the ParaGard IUD, which uses copper to stop fertilization.

If someone feels a contraceptive pill is responsile for sudden weight loss, as long as she has another good contraceptive measure as an option, it’s perfectly fine for her to only discover and see how she does.

Otherwise, she may have quite a couple of extra pounds to think about.




Weight Loss on Birth Control?


Some studies found the contraceptive pill, in fact, has been tied to weight loss. One study out of the Oregon National Primate research center of rhesus macaque monkey, found that the thick little monkeys actually lost 8,3% of their body weight once they were placed on birth control pill. Study leaders concluded that this study suggests thta worries about gaining weight when on the contraceptive pill appear to be based more on fantasy than on fact.

However, this is what the “experts” say. But we decided to talk to real women who have used contraceptive pills to give some real life feedback on the side effects:


  • “Breast sensitivity was a major side effect. I´ve used to keep my bra on and used to be sleeping with it as a way to keep the pain as minimal as possible. I ultimately had to modify pills,” explained Caren, 28. “I didn’t notice any weight gain. If anything, I lost weight because I used to be so miserably in pain that I didn’t want to eat.”



  • “Have been on the Pill off and on since I used to be in high school and it’s hard to figure out what’s normal weight gain over time and what may are from contraception pills alone,” said Amanda, 29. “Loestin is my product of choice, because the I made good experiences with the low dose. The foremost notable side effects are GOOD ones — lighter periods and significantly less intense PMS.”


  • Sheila, 36, also didn’t see any weight gain, but did experience another precarious side effect of the Pill: “All sorts of the Pill I even have tried have made me emotionally delicate.”


But what it really involves to do, like other medications, is trial and error. Keep an open mind and know it might take two or three different brands of contraception pills before you discover the one that matches .




Although there isn´t research which backs up these claims, real life reviews still show that there must be some truth. We at Weight Loss Journal tend to give real life reviews much more attention than on studies conducted by experts.

We can see a similar phenomena in the realm of antidepressants, where there also aren´t any science backed studies which conclude that taking antidepressants lead to weight gain, but the Internet is full of real life reviews of people who gained weight just after starting a antidepressant treatment.


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