Bowmar Nutrition Review | Do They Offer Good Products?

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Bowmar Nutrition Overview

Bowmar Nutrition


Bowmar Nutrition Reviews are quite rare since this brand is so young. The USA based company is specialised in sports nutrition and supplements. 


Is Bowmar Nutrition Protein Vegan? 

Bowmar Nutrition offers a line of Vegan Protein. Bowmar Nutrition Vegan Protein shakes can be utilized as a post workout shake or meal replacement. 


What Kind Of Products Is Bowmar Nutrition Offering? 

Bowman Nutritions offers a wide variety of protein shakes, such as whey protein, vegan protein, protein bars, protein nut spread, beef jerky, protein mug cake but also a variety of supplements like collagen peptides, pre workout supplements like BLACKWOLF, creatine, greens and fiber.


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Can You Test Bowmar Nutrition? 

Yes, Bowman Nutrition offers samples of some of their products for a small price. 


Can You Refund Bowmar Nutrition Products? 

Yes, they offer a 7 day return policy for opened goods and a 30 day return policy for closed goods, which seems pretty legit.



Bowmar Nutrition Reviews

We didn´t have a chance to test out Bowmar Nutrition, so we can´t give a verdict, but we summarized some of the customer reviews from &, to help you with your decision (some of the reviews where slightly changed and re-written by us for privacy purposes, but you can check them out on the mentioned sites):


  • One customers reviewed Bowmar Nutrition with 5 stars and wrote: 


I’ve been utilizing Bowmar protein products for a long time. I was very disappointed when the dulce de leche protein powder was discontinued. Mannn, this one was awesome – in espresso or just blended in with almond milk or even water.

So I proceeded onward to the strawberry shake. Additionally AMAZING! Furthermore, I have not had any issues with conveyance – I get my items inside 3-4 days, comparably guaranteed. Taking everything into account… extraordinary products, incredible organization.


  • Another customer reviewed Bowmar Nutrition with 5 stars and went on: 


I neither had a bad product nor a bad experience from Bowmar Nutrition – They replied to any shipment issue kindly and quickly.


  • Another customer wrote on Reddit: 


I own the Bowmar Nutrition Pumpkin Spice protein and it is awesome. I actually own most of the flavors and you can’t go wrong with any of them.


  • One customer reviewed Bowmar Nutrition with 2 stars: 


I felt my pumpkin pie flavoured nut butter was kind of gritty, almost like biting on a mouthful of sand, so I had to throw it away.

I also ordered the collagen and had no complaints with it, although it would be helpful to know which type of collagen is used in the product.

This customer went on: I own the Whey Protein – Flavour Carrot Cake. On the label it´s written “Keep out of reach of children” and that it should not be used by women who are pregnant, so i´m aware that it might has heavy metal contents, since a lot of protein supplements have a similar issue, and I couldn´t find if this company is verified by the Clean Label Project.

What prompted me to take my time to write this review is the fact, that I took a serving of Bowmar protein in the evening and had heart palpitations about 15 minutes after. I don´t know if this correlates, but the Bowmar Nutrition Protein is the only thing I consumed that evening. Normally I don´t have heart palpitations unless I´ve consumed too much sugar or salt.

My nutrition is extremely healthy with having mainly organic vegetables and fruits and lots of fresh juices. I would really like to supplement with a protein powder, but I don´t want to harm my health by consuming toxics in protein powder. In my opinion, getting these products cleared by the Clean Label Project would go a long way to building your brand. 



  • Another customer reviewed Bowmar Nutrition with 2 stars: 


So far I’ve adored every product of theirs that I’ve attempted. However, when I was ordering Protein Hot Chocolate it was blending inaccurately and getting thick/coarse. The only way to contact the organization is through email so I did as such, inquiring as to whether I was blending it inaccurately, if the item was broken, or on the off chance that I could get a store credit/discount.

They posed a lot of inquiries which I replied, they gave two or three 1-2 word reactions, at that point totally disregarded me. I messaged a couple of more occasions 6 days prior and as yet nothing. Don´t order a single thing from them except if you’ve effectively attempted it and realize you like it, since, in such a case that you don’t then though luck. Extraordinary products make no difference with horrible customer service. 



Bowmar Nutrition seems like an interesting brand for sports enthusiasts and people who look after healthy nutrition and supplements. They offer a wide range of products, with some interesting flavour choices. However, there are mixed reviews all over the Internet. Fortunately Bowmar Nutrition offers sample packs at a small price for some of their products, so you can test out the taste and see if it is for you.

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