Dumbbell Lunge Exercise | Best To Combine With Lateral Raise?

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Dumbbell Lunge Exercise Tutorial


dumbbell lunge exercise

The Dumbbell Lunge Exercise is an excellent evolution of the classic bodyweight lunge. It adds much more than just strength. Using dumbbells is a challenge for balance and control.

The dumbbell lunge can also be performed dynamically, as a walking lunge. Be sure to do this only after you have mastered the static variation of this exercise. 



How To Do A Dumbbell Lunge


  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with feet hip-width apart. Arms should remain straight and slightly squeezed at the sides. Keep the shoulders in position and the torso tense.


  • Begin the movement by taking a step forward. Aim for both knees to bend comfortably up to 90 degrees. If this is not possible, the knees should bend to a comfortable angle.


  • Keep the dumbbells at your sides and your torso tensed as you gradually stand back up.


  • Repeat this with the other leg and repeat as many times as you like.



Correctly Performing The Dumbbell Lunge Exercise


There is this misconception that during a lunge, the front leg carries most of the weight; therefore, many people focus on “pushing off” the front leg, which can affect balance and stability. Instead, focus on the back leg – which serves as the fixed point for the lunge – to the same degree.

When you step forward, it’s important to maintain pressure in the back leg. You’ll notice how your balance improves significantly as a result.

When you stand back upright, you’ll feel better balance; this small modification is crucial when carrying loads – whether dumbbells or grocery bags.

Extra weight requires additional balance/stability and maintaining a strong anchor leg reduces the risk of instability and loss of balance.

It’s also important to take a natural step forward and not overdo it – after all, you do the same thing in everyday life. That’s why we recommend you don’t change anything when training in this regard.

As your technique improves, try to challenge your balance further by holding the dumbbells at the front of your shoulders (rack position) and even overhead. However, this should not affect your stability and balance in any way.


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Dumbbell Lateral Raise Tutorial


dumbbell lateral raise


Dumbbell Lateral Raise is a perfect exercise to combine with your Dumbbell Lunge exercise. It is a strengthening exercise for the shoulders often seen in the gym.

It trains all 3 parts of the deltoid muscle (musculus deltoideus), but especially the middle part of the deltoid muscle (musculus deltoideus pars acromialis) as well as the upper fibers of the hooded muscle (musculus trapezius pars descendens).



Correctly Performing The Dumbbell Lateral Raise


Choose a safe stance and hold a dumbbell on each arm. Your back is straight and your gaze is directed forward. Hold the dumbbells at the side of your thighs in a neutral grip. With a slight bend in the elbow, i.e. almost fully extended arms, you slowly lift the dumbbells until they are horizontal. As you do so, exhale. Then inhale and lower the dumbbells back down to your thighs.


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Combining the Dumbbell Lunge exercise altogether with the Dumbbell Lateral raise is a very good workout for your upper body and lower body. This exercise might be challenging at first. In this case pick lighter weight dumbbells and work yourself up over time.

Integrating the Lateral Raise into your Dumbbell Lunge exercise makes sure that you properly trained your shoulder muscles which in turn can make your workout shorter by leaving out a different exercise intened for your shoulder workout. 

Have fun and stay safe! 


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