Calories In Cherry | Too Sweet For Losing Weight?

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Calories in Cherry: Suitable For Weight Loss? 

Cherry Calories

Calories in Cherry are low yet they still are coming with a lot of nutrients. These sweet and popular treats add color and spice to a variety of different dishes.

These fruits reputation for being a poplular ingredient in desserts may have you wondering whether cherry is healthy and low in calories enough to be suitable for weight loss

The chart below gives you an overview of cherry calories and nutrients found in 138 grams of raw cherries:


  • Calories: 87 kcal
  • Fat: 0.4g
  • Sodium: 0,1mg
  • Carbohydrates: 21g
  • Fiber: 3,5g
  • Sugars: 18g
  • Protein: 1.5g


Cherries Carbohydrates

One cup of cherries contains about 21 grams of carbohydrate, most of which come from sugars such as fructose. One cup of cherries also come with 3 grams of fiber.

These fruits are considered low glycemic (under 55 on the glycemic index scale).

However, keep in mind that dried cherries, cocktail cherries from the can and other sorts which have added sugar, will have a higher glycemic index.


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Cherries Protein

One cup of fresh cherries comes with about 1.5 grams of protein. 


Cherries Fat

Cherry is not only low in calories but is almost fat-free, with only 1,5 gram of fat per cup. 


Micronutrients and Vitamins

Cherries are a rich source of magnesium, calcium, folate, iron, potassium and vitamin C. 


Cherries and Health Related Benefits

Though naturally high in fructose, they come with significant amounts of beneficial phytonutrients that are beneficial for your health. 

Cherries have been studied since the 1950s for gout prevention and treatment of arthritis. Multiple studies found evidence of cherries being able to restore normal uric acid levels.

A 2018 study conducted on 634 patients with gout, came to the conclusion that fresh cherry or cherry extract resulted in a 35% reduction in gout attacks during a 2-day period. 


May Aid In Cancer Prevention 

The seducing red color of cherries is due to anthocyanins, potent antioxidants that helps in neutralizing potentially cancer-causing oxidative stress.

Cherries, besides being low in calories, also have high amounts of vitamin  C, which may be associated with a lesser risk of developing lung cancer in individuals who smoke.

More so, the fiber content in cherries has shown to be effective when it comes to colon cancer protection. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, is a good step for a healthy lifestyle. 


May Reduce Muscle Soreness

Cherries have shown to be anti-inflammatory. Research came to the conclusion that cherries are beneficial in reducing soreness after physical activity. 


May Aid In Hearth Health

Cherry Juice has been shown to significantly reduce diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels within 2,5 hours in elderly adults.

Looking at cherries high potassium content and anti-inflammatory effects, these fruits are a perfect addition in every hearth-health meal plan. You also get additional cholesterol-lowering effects when eating cherries, due to their fiber content.


May Enhance Memory Function

Anthocyanins and flavonoids in dark-red cherries help protect the brain from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can occor in the brain as a result of external stressors such as chronical medical issues, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, poor sleep and aging. 

Consuming more vegetables and fruits rich in color, such as cherries, may help protect your memory over the years. 


Cherries May Trigger Allergic Reactions

Calories in Cherry are low which makes it an interesting food choice for any healthy diet, however there is the possibility to get allergic reactions when consuming cherries. These reactions are sometimes correlated with grape, strawberry and other fruit sensitivities.

Allergic reaction to cherries can include vomiting, chest tightness, hives, swelling and shortness of breath. See your doctor for a professional expertise, if you suspect an allergy to cherries. 


Possible Negative Effects Of Consuming Cherries

The pits of cherries contain a dangerous compound called amygdalin. Altough there isn´t much to worry about if you somehow accidentally swallowed 1 pit, try to avoid it.

Be careful especially for crushed cherry pits because the amygdalin will be more readily absorbed. 

If you happen to have irritable bowel syndrome, its important to know that cheries are high in FODMAPs, a form of carbohydrates which can be responsible for flare-ups in some people. If you are sensitive to FODMAPs, you better avoid stone fruits such as cherries to not trigger these symptoms. 

The Many Variations Of Cherries

Cherry which is low in calories, can be purchased fresh, canned, dried, frozen or as jam. If you already saw these bright red cherries on top of ice cream, these are called maraschino cherries, which are made of light-red variety with additional sweeteners.For maximum health benefits and to be suitable for weight loss, always go with fresh, raw dark-colored cherries without added sugars.


When Are Cherries The Best? 

Cherries such as frozen cherries, preserved or dried can be purchased at any time of the year. Also fresh cherries that have been imported from overseas. Cherry season is during the summer months.

Needless to say, always go with fresh cherries that are free of mold and/or damage. They always should appear plump, avoid shriveled looking cherries. Instead, look out for shiny, firm and bright cherries with their green stems still attached. 

Don´t wash your cherries until you are ready to consume them. If you wash them too soon it can cause the cherries to rot faster.Don´t keep cherries in warm or sunny places, but instead in a cold part of your refrigerator, where they can last for several days. Always discard rotten cherries before they cause the rest of the package to rot as well.


Ways To Add Cherries To Your Diet

Cherries are very versatile fruits, not only because the calories in cherry. You can add them to your fat-free yogurt, your bowl of morning cereal or in your smoothies (don´t forget to remove the poisonous pits!).

If you have your diet day off or plan to have a cheat meal, you can use cherries in tarts, pies, baked goods or on top of ice cream.


Cherry Calories

Calories in Cherry: Conclusion

Cherry is a healthy fruit, which is low in calories and provides multiple other health benefits. Although, they have a low in Glycemic Index, you need to watch out for their high amounts of sugar, when trying to lose weight.

You should always monitor your carbohydrate intake with the help of a good diet plan like The Custom Keto Diet, which allows you to eat certain foods without losing control of excess carb intake.

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