Greekgodx Weight Loss | His Weight Loss Secret Revealed!

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GreekgodX Weight Loss: How Much Weight Has He Lost?

Greekgodx weight loss

If you’re curious how Greekgodx weight loss journey went, read on! Greekgodx (Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos) has finally revealed his weight loss secrets, and we are about to share them with you!

Famous Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos hasn’t been cryptic about his workout regimen – and he’s at long last uncovered precisely much advancement he’s put forth, because of his efforts.

In the 2018 Greekgodx told his supporters on Twitch and adherents on other online media stages, he planned to lose some weight in the coming year. He began to stream his activity routine on Twitch, which once incorporated the astounding Hakuna Matata treadmill-running live stream fail.


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Greekgodx opened up about his weight loss:

Dimitri was centered around getting his weight down, informing his audience that he has gone on a genuine eating regimen and the commitment and control brought about a great deal of fat loss.

Before the finish of spring in 2019, the Twitch streamer shared a picture on Twitter, showing how he was under 300 pounds following a time of difficult work. He began with a bodyweight of 369.4 pounds, and by 28 April 2019; he was 299.2 pounds, arriving at his lowest weight in longer than a year. What a success!


“I was unable to have done it without you all,” Greekgodx said in hindsight of his weight loss. “You all have been in there through various challenges – for the most part thick. We are at long last under 300 pounds, young men!”


Greekgodx Weight Loss Success

Greekgodx and his chosen diet aided him in sheding major weight, bringing the Twitch streamer down from 369 pounds to 299 pounds in the timespan of a year-long period.


“I am officially belonging to the under 300 lb club, and it makes me feel too god baby,” Greekgodx Tweeted of his weight loss success briefly thereafter.


But Greedgodx doesn´t stop there. Despite his massive success, he claimed that he wouldn´t be content until he reaches his goal weight of 250 pounds – which are still 49 pounds difference from his actual weight. 


GreekgodX Weight Loss Diet

Greekgodx has to thank his awesome weight loss journey not just to any diet: the streamer said that he implemented a keto diet (the popular term for the Ketogenic diet), a program that massively has helped millions across the globe to lose weight and keep it off! 


A ketogenic diet, like The Custom Keto Diet was the main secret to the weight loss success of Greekgodx, also exercise played an important role as well. 



Greekgodx took on the keto diet system, where the carbs were cut off from streamers eating regimen, and he was off doing treadmill runs, powerwalking, and a ton of actual effort his body was not used to, but eventually he was getting used to it.

The outcome is there so anyone might see for themselves, the keto diet works for virtually anybody, and with a professional, well thought out plan like The Custom Keto Diet, you won´t even have to starve or go to bed hungry. 

Dimitri is as yet working out, yet he is yet to share his advancement and update the fans whether he had the option to arrive at his objective of 250 pounds. Greekgodx will most presumably share another when picture in April of 2020, where he will probably post a 250-pound progress picture.


The Custom Keto Diet


He goes on: 

“I am not satisfied until I reach the 250 pounds mark, because I´ve still consider myself fat everywhere”, he jokingly claimed about his mission. “I am still 300 pounds, nonetheless – still very far away from being a skinny guy now”. 


Greekgodx Diet

Greekgodx likewise disclosed that eating multiple times is not good for your wellbeing and that it’s required to discover a balance. He says that everyone’s is different and their eating routine ought to be diverse just as their weight reduction techniques. Eating heavy (but mostly carb free) portions worked for him however that doesn’t mean it will work for you!

The last thing he uncovers is to not surrender. It’s not just about the start, it’s additionally about consistency. For additional, look at his video here.


GreekgodX Weight Loss By Surgery?

No, he did not! With regards to losing weight, there are two primary ways you can take, either get a medical procedure to remove the fat or get on a tight eating routine and stay on it no holds barred. Greekgodx didn’t take the medical procedure course and rather picked to wean himself off of sugar & carbs, following a ketogenic diet.


About GreekgodX

Greekgodx is a well-known livestreamer on Twitch with over 30 million views and 1 million followers. His content focuses aroznd playing video games, reviewing videos online, and doing IRL content with other fellow Twitch members.

Greek’s success follows an emotional scandal from late March, after watchers from the streamer harrassed a female GTA V roleplayer who had fudged an arrangement during one of his transmissions.

Notwithstanding, Greek eagerly denied any contribution with the toxic individuals, being referred to, later saying ‘sorry’ to the roleplayer – who had even cried because of the bitterness in her own stream of the game.


GreekgodX Biography

Greekgodx Weight Loss Diet

Greekgodx (Real Name: Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos) was brought into the world in the United Kingdom. Greekgodx worked a line of terrible positions. Subsequent to stopping the last one at an restaurant, he was investing his energy between looking for work playing H1Z1: Just Survive.

At some point, while he was playing H1Z1, he was talking in-game when one of different players found out if he was a fellow streamer. He told then that he wasn’t, however they urged him to give it a shot, since they felt that he had a decent RPG voice for it.

Thus, he chose to give it a shot. One of the tricks that he did was to stream kill Sodapoppin. Talk adored him, which made Sodapoppin welcome him to play with him, which they kept on doing day by day for around a year. He at that point began getting known for his interactivity and killing jokes in the streaming local area and his channel gradually developed.

He gushed on and off for quite a while because of some close to home issues. He caught wind of loltyler1’s toxic nature, changing to H1Z1, so he stream kill him and requested that he play with him.

Tyler knew him from Sodapoppin’s stream and ultimately consented to it after Tyler1’s visit became acquainted with him and needed Tyler1 to play with him. Tyler at that point began calling Greekgodx practically every day to do double streams, which Greekgodx states is likely what assisted with getting him out of his downturn and into a standard daily schedule.

Likewise, it is additionally what at last began compounding his channel’s development to what it is today. He presently frequently streams with an assortment of different decorations also, including xQcow. He joined TSM’s stream group in February 2020 and has become an assortment decoration, playing various games on his channel and streaming them for his fans.


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