How Many Steps A Day To Lose Weight? | Full Review

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How Many Steps You Should Walk To Lose Weight?

How Many Steps A Day To Lose Weight

How many steps a day to lose weight is a question on many minds nowadays. It is a positive change in our society, as a lot of people these days are living a sedentary lifestyle, leading them to develop many health risks or even death.

One of the countless health benefits of regular physical activity is of course weight loss, especially when this is combined with healthy habits of eating, a good diet plan like The Custom Keto Diet, and a potent natural fat burner like ExiPure!

Keep reading to find a detailed answer on your search query of How many steps a day to lose weight!


How Many Steps per Day To Lose Weight?

You might have a lot of questions around the magic “10,000 steps a day to lose weight” rule, like why they have to be 10,000 steps a day anyways? How many calories does walking burn? Are 10,000 steps daily really enough to get to your desired weight loss objective? Can walking help you lose weight?

In this article we will clarify some of these questions, even though no guarantee is given that you will lose weight only by walking a lot.

How many steps you need to take per day to lose weight is dependant on a lot of factors, like how does your current physical activity level look like. Taking this as a basis, the number of steps a day to lose weight can look like this:


  • Low Activity Lifestyle: Less than 4900 steps a day
  • Moderate Activity Lifestyle: Less than 5500 steps a day
  • Active Lifestyle: Between 6900 and 10,000 steps a day
  • High Activity Lifestyle: More than 11,500 steps a day


These numbers are close to the 10,000 steps a day rule of thumb, which can be translated to about an hour walk a day. The average walking pace of an adult human being is about 4-5 km/hour (we get more detailed in a minute).

How many steps a day to lose weight & how many calories are burned during walking is dependent on many factors, such as your body fat percentage, speed of the walk, total body weight and conditions of your environment (downhill, uphill or straight walk).



How Many Steps A Day To Lose Weight: “10,000 Steps A Day” Rule Explained

10,000 daily steps a day walk has become the standard settings for pedometers. Interestingly, this rule developed in Japan, from a 1960s marketing campaign, to counter the growing trend of a sedentary lifestyle among the population of Japan.

In order to motivate them to take regular walks, walking 10,000 steps daily was encouraged as a way to help to raise concious awareness to take sufficient walks on a daily basis. It is estimated that this walk of 10,000 steps daily can be translated to about 7,5 to 8,5 kilometers a day.

There is a study which has shown that healthy males and females take between 4,500 to 17,500 steps a day, meaning that 10,000 steps a day is a good middle way for healthy adults. More so, regular walking has been linked to a decrease in mortality among older females, up to 7,400 steps a day.

To summarize: Even a moderate increase in daily steps walked can increase it´s many health benefits.

Be not hung up to much with the number of steps, when you are trying to figure out how many steps a day to lose weight, although it can serve as a motivation for many.

How many steps a day to lose weight depends on how much weight you are looking to lose.


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How Much Weight Is It You Want To Lose?

If you aim for only a few pounds as your weight loss goal, then 10,000 steps per day to boost your metabolism and to lose weight is a solid number to go for, at least in the beginning. In average, a healthy adult will burn about 105 calories per 2000 steps.

This shows that about 500 extra calores are burned when you try to walk 10,000 steps a day , thought there will be minor differences depending on factors like your pace, your current weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage, gender and age.

Of course it should be considered that the pace of the walk will greatly affect the amount of calories you burn. A swift high intensity walking pace can double the amount of calories you are burning, as opposed to a more light walking speed approach.

How many steps a day to lose weight is different from one individual to another.


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Also, very overweight and obese individuals will burn more calories than someone with a lesser body fat percentage, on the same walking pace. Also it should be considered that more muscle tissue is manipulating the metabolism in burning more calories.

We lose around 1% of muscle tissue per year from the age of 32. This steady loss of muscle mass, will ultimately slow down your metabolism. This means, you will have to walk at a slightly faster pace to get out the same weight loss results compared to someone who is younger.

Aditionally when counting your steps, it is recommened to also add other exercises and/or other sports with physical activity involved, where your muscles are used more intensively. The higher your muscle mass is, the higher your metabolism gets and the more energy (stored as body fat and glycogen) is burned and used up during physical activity and even at rest. This can lead to a leaner and more healthy body.

A good way to keep you motivated and to count your steps is a pedometer. Today pedometers are integrated in stylish and good looking smartwatches, unlike some years ago where these pedometer watches looked very outlandish, especially for a younger audience. In our experience these are the best watches if you want to start a lot of running and/or walking.

If you don´t want to spend money on a pedometer you simply can download a pedometer app on your smartphone. Most modern smartphones these days are already equipped with a built in pedometer. These can help you track your numbers you take on a daily basis.

In our article on “Does Walking Burn Fat?“, we also stressed the importance of the right shoes if you want to lose weight with walking. Don´t underestimate the effect of the right pair of shoes.

If you don´t wear the right shoes, you may get sore feet or blisters, which in turn can demotivate you to keep walking more for your health and weight loss.

We advise you to look after shoes with a so called “Cloudfoam” sole. These soles are made of a special material, especially designed for professional runners.

When you feel comfortable and like walking on clouds, you are much more likely to stick to your walking, running or stepping routine.


How Many Steps A Day To Lose Weight: Success Tips

How Many Steps A Day To Lose Weight


1. Take a slow start

Setting realistic goals will help you stay fresh and motivated to succeed in the long run.
If you are not able to walk at least 2000 steps a day on a regular basis, try to build it up slowly. Start to add 250 to 500 extra steps a day and focus on this the first week.

As soon as this feels right and doable, try to add 500 extra steps to your daily routine every week. Try to repeat this process until you came to the point where you walk around 7000 to 10,000 steps a day.


2. Split your walking regimen through out the day

Split your walking seessions into three or four parts (in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening) and take a 10-15 minute walk every time.

When the day has come to an end you likely will have walked around 40 to 60 minutes


3. Integrate Intervalls in your walk

If you are motivated and feeling fresh and ready to challenge yourself, try adding intervals to your walking session. Several studies have pointed out the remarkable fat burning effects of intervall training.

Try to run for 30 seconds followed by a two-minute walk to bring your heart rate down to normal. Then you run again for 20 seconds followed by a a minute and a half of walking. Do this several times when you go for a walk and you will see great results, not only regarding your weight, but also regarding your stamina and health.

But we recommend this only for already somehow fit individuals. If you are obese or overweight, try to not stress your ligaments too much, to avoid injury.


4. Make your calling sessions a walking session

Try to answer your phone calls wherever possible in places where you are able to walk back and forth.
Instead of lying in bed or resting on the couch, you can walk when having a telephone conversation. When doing this you can use the time spent on the phone in a good and healthy way.


5. Avoid the Elevator and take the stairs

Avoiding elevators and climbing stairs is a good way to say healthy and in shape. You might have probably heard this already a lot of times, and yes it is true. Do it! In doing so you can take many extra steps per day.

If possible, leave your car at home, hop on your bike or get out one bus stop earlier and walk to your workplace. In doing so you can easily achieve your set number of steps a day to lose weight without having to think about it too much.


6. Stay focused and motivated

It naturally takes some discipline and focus to keep walking x amount of steps a day. But seeing what others put their bodies through to lose weight, remember this exercise is just a matter of will and not of physical capabilities and endurance, means, it doesn´t “get ligther or easier than this”.

Stick to your goals, and moreso if you are struggling to motivate you. It is natural to not be always as motivated on some days compared to others to leave the couch but you need to push yourself anyways because as soon as you begin to move you will feel a lot better after a few steps in fresh air.

This kind of mindset teaches yourself a new habit, the habit of not giving up right away, which will come handy in every aspect of your life, not just weight loss.


7. Diet is king when it comes down to losing weight

Even though you know now how many steps a day are necessary to lose weight, focusing only on walking should not lead to you ignoring your diet.


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