How To Lose Inner Thigh Fat?

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A Question which bugs many of us


How can I lose inner thigh fat? Is there a way to down my thighs? Can I get rid of hip fat? I know the struggle I was there before. It was along with my belly my number 1 “problem zone”. But is it actually possible to lose fat in punctual spots of the body? Well let me elaborate.


Targeted fat loss stays a myth. See how to actually lose it


Targeting weight loss or spot reduction is arguably one of the most common questions posed by my friends & patients. Questions like: “What can I do to just shed pounds around my midsection?” “Is it viable to just lose weight in my legs?” “Can you help me lose this flab in my arms?” In Quick, the answer is No.

Unfortunately that´s not how our bodies are designed. You see from a evolutionary perspective, body fat is actually a luxury good for our bodies. As much as we hate it, our body loves it, as it provides the necessary reserves for long periods without food. Our bodies haven´t yet fully adapted that we (typically) have access all day to food and don´t are in need to starve. 

You can´t tell the body where it should start to burn fat first. Mostly it is genetically determined where you body first starts to burn fat. In most cases it is the face. Problem zones like your belly, thigs, hips are usually the last spots which will be targeted by fat loss. Your body holds on to it.


how to loose inner thigh fat


You may have heard that doing particular exercises will provide fat loss in these target areas, but science does not support that theory


Martin Brown, a certified strength and conditioning expert, stated the following: “The consensus opinion over spot reduction, that is the typically used term for regional fats loss, is that it is not possible”. This has been a consensus opinion for fifty-plus years inside the workout-science community.

However manufacturers of exercise device nevertheless promote this perception (i. E. Purchase our ab-blaster to sculpt a six-pack etc.)”. Although you can strengthen your muscle in certain areas and make that area look “harder” and less “flabby”, fat loss which targeted isn’t realistic, it is by design. 


How To Lose Inner Thigh Fat


Altough you can strengthen your muscle in certain areas, targeted fat loss isn´t going to happen


According to the Yale Scientific Magazine, a number of the physiological reasons for not being able to target fat loss in certain spots are the following: “The fat contained in fat cells exists in a form referred to as triglycerides. Muscle cells, however, can not directly use triglycerides as fuel, it’d be analogous to seeking to run a automobile on crude oil. As an alternative, the fat need to be damaged down into glycerol and thanc can be used as energy in your bloodstream.    


These Experts again


According to experts, they conclude: “Spot reduction won´t work because usually the mechanism targeting muscles through a workout is  relatively insignificant in terms of enhancing overall fitness, strength and energy expenditure. No matter how much you may ‘feel a burn’ when working on them.

Holistic fitness, not minor muscle fatigue, is a more valuable determining factor of your body’s fat-burning ability.” In other words, reducing fat on targeted spots is nothing more than a myth, which can be attained in a “classical” way but must be forced to melt by other ways such as a good diet and work involved. 

But don´t just let your head hang low now. Nonetheless you will be able to lose fat and reduce your body fat percentage in theses certain areas, but patience is key. Your Body decides on his own from where he will take his fat reserves from energy. The first targeted areas are areas like your face, cheeks, arms, hands. If your body used up the fat reserves there it will take it from the next reserve.

That means if you keep crushing it, your body will be forced at one point to target those unloved thighs. And even your love handles, belly fat etc. So don´t be discouraged after reading this article. But it is important to be aware of what works and what not. Reframe yourself instead of wasting time and be vulnerable to disappointment.    


How to lose leg fat



Eat healthy, exercise and a good diet plan plus potent fatburner will do the trick


Yes Good News. Just because it is not possible to target specific areas for fat loss doesn´t mean you won´t get rid of it. The only downside is that you can´t control when it will happen but if you eat healthy, exercise and stick to a good diet plan, eventually as your fat loss progress, you will lose fat in these certain areas, some earlier and some at a later point, but it´ll happen.  


Reviews have shown that users of Leptitox are averaging 5-6 pounds a week in weight loss by using it standalone and as much as 9 pouns a week combining it with The Custom Keto Diet

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A 2013 study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research noticed that while targeted fat loss doesn’t work, exercising and a good diet plan does aid your fat loss efforts. 12 weeks after the training of their weak leg on a leg press, the studies parcipitants didn’t see a significant drop in body-fat percentage in their legs or body. However, there was observed a drop of fat in the upper body.


That means instead of doing 110 crunches daily in hopes of attaining a six-pack abs or losing weight around your middle section, start with at least 110 minutes of soft aerobic activity each week. Try to stick to a form of resistance training for every major muscle group at least three times a week.  



How To Lose Inner Thigh Fat




When it comes down to your diet,  incorporate high-nutritious and foods high in protein. Experts suggest eating roughly 0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day. While that may seem a lot, the benefits are clearly measurable. Protein is digested by our gastrointernal tract much slower compared to any other macronutrient, which aids in keep you full and satisfied for a longer period of time.


This will lead to eating less, which in turn, makes it much easier to drop your body fat percentage.   Now that you have learned that is fairly impossible to target fat loss in certain areas, I want you to still keep working on it. Just because we can´t target specific spots with supplements and exercise, doesn´t mean we have to live with them for the rest our lives.


Your body will be forced to drop your overall body fat percentage and the accumulated fat when you enter a caloric deficit by exercising regularly and eating healthy and/or less than your calorie maintenance.  


Is There A Secret Weapon?


how to lose leg fat


If to choose either eating less or exercising more, I would definitely go with the latter. Not only you are given the freedom to eat more of what you like, by going the active route and start to exercise more, you will build muscle in this process and muscle tissue is a metabolic active tissue means: “More Muscle = More calories burnded day by day”.

Even if you rest, your muscles will keep consuming calories and energy.   We can manipulate our bodies ability to burn more calories even further with certain foods and supplements. You often will see me referring in my blog to two certain things:  


“A supplement called Leptitox and The Custom Keto Diet“.

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The reason for this is, that it was the combination of both these products which made me finally lose 45 pounds in 7 weeks. And believe me I am a regular girl just like you, I´ve been where you have been before. Low-Carb, Atkins, Intermittend Fasting, Slimfast, you name it.

The only thing which got slimmer was my bank account. It might be that the combination of these two won´t work for you but I am so excited that I have found something that finally worked for me, I have share it with you. 

So if you haven´t tried it yet, give it a shot and if you follow it, like I did, you will lose at least 30 pounds before this years summer begins. It is totally up to you, you are now on the hot seat to take control of this operation “fat loss” and once and for all crush it. Feel how it feels when your friends and family proudly look at you and want to know how you did it.  


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