Kiss My Keto Review | Do They Offer Good Products?

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Kiss My Keto Introduction 

Kiss My Keto

If you are interested to go on a ketogenic diet or if you already following a ketogenic diet, you might already came across the Kiss My Keto brand. Online search for keto supplements on Bing and Google lead to over a million results, with Kiss My Keto right on top of the search results.

Besides, Kiss My Keto got quite some recognition on Reddit, where many discussed their product line such as the exogenous ketones, their keto bars or their MCT-Oil. 

Does this brand offer a legit product line to support you in your ketogenic life or is it overhyped? Well, lets find out in this review. 


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About Kiss My Keto Brand

The Co-Founders of Kiss My Keto stated that they have started it because there was a lack of good ketogenic products with proper ingredients on the market. They wanted to make more food choices available for people who chose to go on a ketogenic diet. 


Custom Keto Diet


Kiss My Keto Products

The focus of Kiss My Keto products are meant to support you on your low-carb or keto diet. This means that they products have low carbohydrate contents and are packed with healthy fats to provide you the necessary energy needed when you follow a ketogenic diet. 

They also offer urine test strips, which can measure the amount of ketones, showing you if your body already adapted to ketosis. This is a necessary item if you want to check and control if your body has gone into ketosis. 

Some might just wait until they dropped a significant amount of weight, to have confirmation that they are already in ketosis, but if you are a beginner it is highly adviceable to use these strips, to gain a level of control. 


If you are not experienced, you might just eat slightly too much carbs in the beginning, which can prevent you from getting into ketosis, making you wondering why all youre efforts got you nowhere. You want to avoid this frustration which can lead you to lose motivation and can potentially halt your weight loss success for good! “The Custom Keto Diet” will guide you through all the necessary steps to get into ketosis fast! 


Besides, they offer a broad variety of various protein and meal replacement shakes, keto pills, MCT-oil and exogenous ketones. 

The ingredients of their products, though are not entirely natural and as such not fitting for certain lifestyles. You might come across various food additives in the form of various acids. Some of their products, such as KetoLogic don´t come with any added flavors or sweeteners and are vegan.



The sweetener of choice for most of their products are steviol glycosides made from Stevia. Stevia is a healthy and natural sweetener but often comes with a bitter taste. A thumbs up, however, for using mineral rich sea salt in some of their products instead of common table salt.

Some of the Kiss My Keto products inherit the milk-deried protein, sodium caseinate, so watch out for food allergies. Online reviews pointed out that the taste of the products are not so good, but then again, taste is a personal factor and is different from individual to individual. Others remarked that they had digestive side effects and mild to moderate headaches. 

Keto products which are enriched with sweeteners unfortunately are often the cause for stomach upsets and diarrhea. That lies in the nature of many sugar replacement sweeteners, as they bind fluid in your gastrointernals. Science yet has to come up with a healthy and side-effect free replacement for common sugar. 


Kiss My Keto BHB Salts


Kiss My Keto BHB Salt

This product comes with a proprietary blend. Some of the inregdients of Kiss my Keto BHB salts are calcium, sodium and stevia. Products which provide exogenous ketones are lab-made and claim to have to help you body reach ketosis faster.

In our review of the Shark Tank Keto Fit Diet Pills, we already elaborated that it is highly unlikely for supplements to bring you into ketosis.


Exogenous ketones and Keto Diet Pills might add some value, if you are already following a ketogenic diet, like “The Custom Keto Diet” but relying on them to kickstart the process of ketosis, which is an enormous transition for your body, will not work out the way these products claim. 


Besides these ingredients are nothing new under the sun and can basically be found in any vitamin product for a few dollars (though not in BHB form). 


Kiss My Keto Coffee 

Kiss My Keto Coffee

Offering a ketogenic coffee is a nice idea. Their Keto Coffee is free of sugars and has a lot of fat, to provide you the necessary energy you need throughout the day. However, compared to common (black) coffee which is actually carb free, Kiss My Keto Coffee contains 2grams of net carbs. 

If you like your coffee black and sweetened without sugar, this might not be an interesting option for you but if so this might be a good alternative to the regular milk/coffee/sugar combo. 

Keep in mind that this products is not suited for vegans, because it contains milk derived ingredients! 


Kiss My Keto Bread

kiss my keto bread

If you are following a ketogenic diet, you might miss one thing big time – Bread! Kiss My Keto can help you out. Their Bread only comes with up to 2 grams of carbs per serving, and comes in 4 different flavours such as: Golden Wheat, Dark Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin and Grain & Seed. 

These are some good flavours options to choose from and should be able to suit any taste buds. Each pack comes with 16 slices and some even reported that it tastes like real bread!  

This product gets a major thumbs up from us. Bread is one of the most beloved foods all around the world, and if you already did a ketogenic diet, you know how hard it can be when you just want to eat a quick sandwich or just miss the taste of bread. 



Kiss My Keto: Final Words

Kiss My Keto seems like a solid company which offers a good product range to complete your ketogenic lifestyle. If you are already following a ketogenic diet, such as “The Custom Keto Diet” or are interested in following one to lose some weight, Kiss My Keto offers an interesting portfolio of products. 

We particulary were impressed with their Keto Bread and MCT-oil which is a reasonable addition to any ketogenic diet or if you just want to cut down on carbs a little to do something good for your health. Some other exotic products like Keto Pills or Keto BHB salts however, are not necessary to have if you already follow a ketogenic diet and wont do much for your weight loss.

Ketogenic Bars are readily available for a very low price all over the Internet, so keep that in mind when you want to buy Kiss My Keto Bars. Most of protein bars from different brands are already low carb and thus are fitting for a ketogenic diet. 

You can buy Kiss My Keto on Amazon or its official store website. 

Have you tried Kiss My Keto Products? Let us know in the comments below.

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