Code Red Diet Review | Scam or Good For Weight Loss?

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Code Red Diet Introduction

Code Red Diet

The Code Red Diet was created by Cristy Nickel, a persona known in the world of Fitness. The Code Red Diet claim that it can assist you in losing up to 10 pounds each month without the need for physical workouts, weight loss pills, meal replacement shakes and so on.

It is supposed to be not just about the eating routine, but to be a new way of life. The guidelines don’t simply apply to your eating schedules, yet change your day by day propensities as well. It works very like “The Custom Keto Diet” being a high-fat and low-carb diet.

This Code Red Diet review will give you all the details, about this new diet.


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What Is A Code Red Diet?

The Code Red Diet has explicit principles and rules, basically, it is a high-fat and low-carb diet like “The Custom Keto Diet”.

The explanation it contrasts from an eating regimen and the one explanation that it may work for the since a long time ago run, is that this is an permanent way of eating. You don’t accomplish your weight objective and afterward stop the Code Red Lifestyle.

Cristy Nickel stated: “to keep off the weight you lose, you are NEVER returning to your old ways. Your weight won’t remain off on the off chance that you return to eating pop-tarts and Doritos at whatever point you feel like it.”

The way of life has keen rules like not consuming vegetables like potatoes and glucose heavy fruits. You need to bring down your insulin levels to shed pounds.

Subsequently, you can’t achieve weight loss by consuming high amounts of starch or sugar. In any case, this is until you arrive at your set weight goals. In the event that you are in the support stage, the limitations get simpler.

The accomplishment behind this eating routine is the way of life that goes with it. During the Code Red Diet, you need to rest on schedule and stay hydrated. Certainty is, in the event that you’re not after a sound way of life, the eating regimen needs to turn out more earnestly for you to shed pounds.


Foods To Eat On The Code Red Diet


  • Vegetables


Practically all vegetables are permitted. Nonetheless, potatoes are a no-no during weight loss. Potatoes although very nutritions, can trigger excessive insulin reactions because of their high starch and carb content. When Insulin is elevated, it acts as a carrier for the fat you consume, delivering these fatty acids into your body fat cells.

The Code Red Diet additionaly encourages to avoid fruits during the weight loss diet, since its sugar content spikes insulin as well, which is not beneficial when trying to lose weight.

Truth is, that no matter if the sugar comes from fruits or sweets, at the end of the day they will trigger the same insulin response, which in turn is counterintuitive for weight loss.

However, when you accomplish your weight loss goals, you can devour potatoes and natural products once more, but keep in mind the amount ought to never hamper the fat consuming interaction that you are attempting to achieve with this eating regimen.

Code Red Diet Review


  • Protein


The Code Red Diet is taking an “more plant-based” approach, yet you are allowed to eat meat every once in a while.

The classical ketogenic food choices like, salmon, lean chicken, nuts, tofu and grass fed beef are also a common protein source in the Code Red Diet.

The plant-based approach is a personal choice of Cristy, you can in any case consume meats and fish on this diet.

Code Red Keto Diet


  • Healthy Fats


The Code Red Diet is relying on healthy fat sources just as any other ketogenic diet. It incorporates avocadoes, eggs, and fish. Cheese, nuts and seeds are another acceptable sources of healthy fats.

healthy fats


  • Drinking Plenty of Fluid


One of the guidelines of the Code Red Diet is drinking at any rate a gallon of water each day. There aren’t numerous limitations of what you ought to and shouldn’t drink, but drinks with sugar are not allowed, instead aim for Stevia sweetened drinks or simply sweet your tea or coffee with Stevia.


Keto Meal Ideas

Code Red Diet Meal Ideas are virtually the same as in any other sophisticated diet, like “The Custom Keto Diet“.

These following meal ideas are inspired by “The Custom Keto Diet” & perfect to keep you full and satisfied on a ketogenic diet:


Keto Meal


  • Breakfast


Fried Eggs with Bacon together with guacamole filled ham rolls.


  • Lunch


Air-fried Turkey chest with mashed cauliflowers, seasoned with Himalayan salt.


  • Dinner


Grass-fed beef steak with fried asparagus and roasted tomatoes.


  • For a sweet treat


Greek yoghurt with fresh berries and nuts. If it isn´t sweet enough for you, you always can add stevia.


The Custom Keto Diet


Rules Of The Code Red Diet

The Code Red Diet is a way of life and comes 10 principles for anybody hoping to lose weight, because according to the Code Red Diet, weight loss mode doesn’t keep going forever.

Whenever you’ve dropped all the weight you need, you can loosen up the principles slowly piece by piece.


The ten guidelines are:


  • Rest in any event a minimum of 7 hours


  • Try to consume vegetables with each meal


  • Drink at any rate a gallon of water each day


  • Limit yourself to 2 to 3 suppers without any bites


  • No liquor, candy or desserts


  • You cannot drink sodas


  • No lattes or mochas


  • 2 cups of espresso just each day


  • No bread of any sort


  • No eating after 6:30 pm


Aside from these 10 standards, you need to reliably gauge yourself.



To check you weight on the scale properly, you will need to step on the scale “dry” in the morning. This means you weight yourself after you relieved yourself in the restroom, and step on the scale undressed.

Keep track of your weight, you measured each morning, in a journal.


Code Red Diet Benefits

Aside from weight loss, claims are made that you get additional health benefits by following the Code Red Diet.

There a quite some diets around which promote weight loss. More often, you drastically need to cut down your caloric intake below healthy levels, hoping that this will force your body to burn stored fat.

However, once you start eating the very same amount of calories as before, your body most likely will start to re-store your lost fat again. You need to maintain your intake levels to keep the weight off.

This forces your body to go into starvation mode, where the smaller amount of calories you consumed over a period of time, can become your new baseline – meaning that you will have reduce the calories once more to lose weight.

To avoid this dillema, The Code Red Diet emphasizes to make permanent changes in your eating habits and lifestyle rather than just dieting for a set period of time.



The Code Red Diet is nothing new under the sun. It seems like a rebranded form of the already established ketogenic diet, with 10 standards to follow during the weight loss phase.

The eating routine on The Code Red Diet is high protein and low carb very much like the keto diet. It spins around the body in a condition of consuming fat or ketosis. There are a great deal of examples of overcoming obesity by following a ketogenic diet, like for example Jorge Garcia from Hawaii Five-O.

Ketogenic Diets like The Code Red Diet or “The Custom Keto Diet” simply work, but cant be re-invented into something different by just putting a different label or fancy attention grabing new name on it to rebrand it as a new idea.

The principles of the keto diet will always remain the same, and repackaging generic advice such as getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated to maximize weight loss success, are also nothing new under the sun. 

Does The Code Red Diet Work? it Sure does. But is it a hot new approach to weight loss? Another new secret on how you can lose weight and keep it of this time? Absolutely not. 


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