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Wellbutrin Weight Loss: Safe Choice? 

Wellbutrin Weight Loss

Wellbutrin XL, IR, SR are branded formulations of the Drug Bupropion and are averagely popular antidepressant drugs which are primarily prescribed to individuals by a doctor but can also often be gotten over the counter in other active forms.

Wellbutrin is prescribed to reduce symptoms of smoking addiction or to treat depressive disorders. Wellbutrin is a lot looked up on Reddit to get some advice, but is Wellbutrin for weight loss safe? Keep reading to get all the details in this Wellbutrin weight loss review. 

A common side effect of medicating Wellbutrin is it´s effects and changes in a patient´s body mass. Bupropion is known to cause weight loss but in some patients Wellbutrin can also cause weight gain. Find out if Wellbutrin causes weight loss and if this drug is safe to use as a diet pill in this article. 


How Much Weight Do You Lose On Wellbutrin? 

Results of research trials and clinical observations showed that patients treated with Wellbutrin and were obese or had overweight issues lost weight while on Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin weight loss is considered as a side effect of Bupropion treatment process, but it is not directly related to it.

However, this is possible because, for example, a patient who is a addicted smoker or is suffering with clinical depression may be consuming too much alcohol with bupropion or too much food due to these issues. 

The Internet is full with many Wellbutrin weight loss stories and reviews from individuals who have been on the medication or are currently using this drug. Some patients, while on bupropion HCL XL, reported weight loss of up to 10 pounds within a timespan of six weeks of treatment. Others reported to have lost 12 pounds after taking it for one to two years, at various dosages.

Many individuals reported that it helped them staying motivated to stick to a stricter or healthier eating plan. Wellbutrin has showed to help to curb these symptomps, thereby lowering the hunger or thirst for excess food intake. It also may aid in curbing cravings, so patients on the medication only need to eat when they feel hungry and not at any time of the day. 

This can help the patient to eat a properly balanced diet without cravings caused by depression, addiction or anxiety. This can lead to a significant lower calorie intake while individuals are on Wellbutrin treatment. 


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What Dosage Is Needed For Weight Loss On Wellbutrin?

Wellbutrin Reddit

There is no definitive Wellbutrin dosage when trying to achieve wellbutrin weight loss.  when it comes to weight loss, as intake is dependent on the prescription given to the individual by the doctor or physician. Dosage can be increased gradually by the doctor in charge of the individual.

A individual taking bupropion HCL at 300 miligrams a day may experience weight loss of up to six pounds after taking it for six months.

However, this is highly dependent on many other factors like the patients weight when the medication intake started. Different individuals experience different levels of fat loss while on Wellbutrin. 


While Wellbutrin has shown to reduce weight, it still is a prescription drug which needs supervision and comes with side effects. A natural and effective way to lose weight is combining a good diet plan like The Custom Keto Diet altogether with a potent natural weight loss supplement like ExiPure.


To summarize: There is no ultimate answer for how fast weight loss occurs for a patient on bupropion, neither is there any definitve specific bupropion weight loss dosage that must be followed accordingly. More so, it is proven that bupropion does often not intentionally is a cause for weight loss in some patients. 


Can You Gain Weight On Wellbutrin? 

Though Wellbutrin is known to cause weight loss in most individuals, Bupropion can also lead to weight gain. Similar to the reasons for weight loss and loss in body mass, individuals which suffer with anxiety or depression experience many different symptoms.

Many suffer in various ways when it comes to smoking cessation, depression or anxiety. Some individuals might be prone to eating more while going through an depressive episode, while others might completely lose their appetite. 

Several Wellbutrin reviews have also reported to have experienced weight gain from individuals are currently or who have been on Wellbutrin. Some reviews of patients reported to have gained up to 45 pounds after taking it for a prolonged period of time. 

Weight Gain is a common side effect when treated with antidepressant drugs, like we already mentioned in our article on Weight Gain from Zoloft. When loss of appetite is an expression of their disorder, often times, patients will develop a healthy appetite and eat more frequently, which will, in turn, cause the patient to gain weight.

This can happen when the patient is starting to feel better and this resulting in having a higher appetite. 


Wellbutrin Weight Loss: How Long Does It Take To Work?

Wellbutrin (taken as bupropion HCL XL 150 mg or 300 mg) may cause the patient to lose up to 5 pounds after six months. The weight loss  is dependent on the initial weight of the individual before beginning Wellbutrin treatment. 

Wellbutrin dosage can be increased up to 350mg daily or as recommended by a doctor or physician. Patients should always consult their doctors or physicians before changing, reducing or increasing medication intake, which should be monitored by a specialist at all times. 

Keep in mind that it is possible that there can be drug interactions when taking Bupropion. Individuals are strongly advised to talk to their doctor or physician before taking Wellbutrin with other medications as interactions can range from moderate like dizziness and dry mouth to major and even fatal and deadly interactions! 


Wellbutrin And Its Effects on Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Wellbutrin Reddit

Due to Wellbutrins widespread popularity and its impact on weight change, people have chosen to use this medication with the goal for either weight gain or weight loss. This is because this drug has shown to curb food cravings or allow for regular food intake.

Weight Loss can occur in patients when taking Wellbutrin, but there is always a possibility that weight gain might occur after stopping treatment. This is a result of bupropions impact on the two brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine. 

Effects on changing weight should not determine if you take Wellbutrin or not, when it is taken for the purpose of reducing depression symptoms. If an individual is suffering with weight problems together with mental health issues, bupropion might work as a drug to increase or reduce weight during treatment. 

However, keep in mind that it is possible that opposite effects on weight can occur when treatment with this drug is discontinued.



Is Wellbutrin A Safe Way To Lose Weight?

Patients who suffer from bulimia or anorexia should avoid taking Wellbutrin. Also patients which have a history of seizures should stay away from Wellbutrin, as it can put the patient at a higher risk for more frequent seizures.


It is also possible to overdose Bupropion, as taking more than 450mg a day can cause fatal reactions in patients such as uncontrollable seizures and hypoxia. If you mainly are looking to lose weight, we advise you to stay away from Wellbutrin due to its possible fatal side effects.

Diet plans like The Custom Keto Diet combined with a potent natural weight loss supplement like ExiPure can help you maximize your weight loss results the natural way & without the risks and dangers a strong drug like Wellbutrin comes with. 


Bupropion and other drugs of the same class were created to help treat clinical depression and are not designed for off label weight loss use! 


Wellbutrin Weight Loss: Final Words

Wellbutrin might be safe for weight loss or weight gain in patients struggling with anxiety and depression, which are constantly monitored by their doctor and/or physician. It is not safe for off label use and self-medication for the purpose of weight loss! 

People who want to use this drug to lose weight are advised to talk to a medical practitioner before treating themself with Wellbutrin, or even better, completely stay away from Wellbutrin and lose weight by safe and proven methods like combining The Custom Keto Diet with a natural supplement like Exipure. 

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