Healthy Dinners For Losing Weight | Top 5 Inspiring Recipes

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Healthy Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss

healthy dinners for losing weight

For many of us, Dinner is the most important meal of the day and as such it is just natural to explore healthy dinners for losing weight. Its a time where we can wind down from work and sit together with our families or as a single in our cozy homes to enjoy our last big meal of the day. 

While Dinner is the one meal of the day you have to be extra cautious about what to eat (given that you most likely will fall asleep a few hours after and as such your body will enter fat burning mode while sleeping), there are still many delicious, saturating and fulfilling dinner ideas which wont interfere with your nightly weight loss with these healthy dinner recipes for weight loss. 

Some of these healthy dinner recipes for weight loss were taken from the 8-Week customizable keto diet plan “The Custom Keto Diet“.


Keto Fried Chicken


keto fried chicken


To prepare a delicious weight loss friendly fried chicken, skip the flour & breadcrumbs and use almond flour and fine grated parmesan to make the coating instead. 

Choose skinless & boneless lean chicken breast over fatty chicken meat and then move your meat in almond flour, then in squirrled eggs and at last in your fine grained parmesan to prepare a healthy keto fry coat which will taste as good as your ordinary flour & breadcrumb mixture and will come out crispy and golden brown. 

Fry in a pan with sunflower oil and make sure that there is enough hot oil in the pan to cover bottom and top of your fried chicken. 3-4 Minutes on each side in boiling hot oil should be enough to make your healthy keto fried chicken to come out crispy and golden brown. 

Dont forget to put a paper towel under the plate when you take out your keto fried chicken to drain excess oil before you go on to serve them. 

Serve your keto fried chicken with low-carb ketchup, mayonaise, a slice of lemon to drip over your fried chicken and some low-carb keto tomato mozzarella salad! 

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The Custom Keto Diet


Keto Chili


keto chili


Another one of these satisfying and healthy dinners for losing weight. While many will tell you that tomatoes and beans do not belong in a chili (we disagree) in this recipe we felt fine leaving both out.

The ingredients which make this magic happen is a deep savory beef broth base with paprika, vegetables, cumin and ground lean beef, seasoned with fresh chilis (chili powder is fine as well). 

As a topping we went for healthy keto friendly ingredients such as crispy bacon, fried onions and avocado. This wholesome chili is sure to please any mouth keto or not. 

We found a keto greek salad with cucumbers, low-fat yoghurt, parsley and fresh garlic to work best with this wholesome chili. 


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Keto Meatballs


keto meat balls


Hm, the taste of Bella Italia. This meal certainly can´t miss in any serious healthy dinners for losing weight recipe collection. A good amount of tasty cheese holds these wholesome meatballs together firmly without the need of using carb-heavy flour.

We found lean ground beef work the best for weight loss in these meatballs, however you can choose any type of ground meat as well. Yes, ground pork and ground chicken work with these meatballs as well if this more pleasing for your tastebuds. 

Pro-Tipp: Handle your meatball as little as possible, just like a cake, to make them come out extra tender. The more you process them the chances for them to come out tough increases. If you having a hard time to form your meatballs because of not using breadcrumbs, wet your hand lightly to not make the meat stick in your hands while you are forming them. 


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Keto Baked Pork Chops


Calories in Pork Chop


Pork chops are not only a affordable source of meat but fits also in any list of healthy dinners for losing weight when prepared the right way. Often times pork chops have a bad reputation for being dry and overcooked, but it doesn´t have to be that way. With the right preparation they have the potential to come out tender, juicy and full of taste. 

This recipe is focused on the oven-baked method to ensure your pork chops have a delicious crust and soundly cooked meat inside. Buy your pork chops bone-in and thick. Pork chops which are too thin are difficult to cook on point because chances are that they will lose all their natural juices and get dry in the process. 

Also make sure to season your pork chops well. Dont shy away from using enough salt and pepper. Many cuts of meat take good amounts of seasoning. You can use salt and pepper to season your pork chops when you oven-bake them. 

Pro-Tipp: If you pan fry them try to create a paste instead of seasoning your meat with salt and pepper. A paste doesn´t wash off as easily as basic seasoning with salt and pepper. By the time you have grilled your meat chances are that most of the seasoning already sticks in the pan. Try to dissolve 2 pork stock cubes with a 3 spoons of olive oil.

Grind the stock cubes and mix everything until you have a thick paste. Now rub your meat evenly before pan frying it. You can use this method for any meat (beef with beef stock cubes, chicken with chicken stock cubes) etc.

If you want to intensify the flavour, try to rub in your meat a few hours before you prepare it and leave it sealed in your fridge for the meat and flavours to mature. You can also season your barbecue meat with this paste. Try it, it is delicious. 



Keto Garlic Lemon Mahi Mahi


keto hailbut


For your fish lovers out there. The good thing with fish is that they fit in virtually any healthy recipes for weight loss collection. Healthy and keto friendly meat with a lot of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, a fresh fish dish is a staple in any serious ketogenic diet. 

Mahi-Mahi has very firm meat which makes it optimal for searing, grilling or baking. This fish has a beautiful gold and yellow skin that must be removed before you cook the fish. 

Preparing mahi-mahi is not difficult at all. Sear the fish for a few minutes per side and make a super easy lemon butter sauce with garlic. As a side we recommend to sauté green asparagus, if possible in the same pan you fried your fish to maximize the flavours. 

If you cant find mahi-mahi in your supermarket or local grocery store you can do this recipe also with hailbut which also comes with a firm meat-like texture which makes it awesome for grilling. 

If you need some more sides then just asparagus to get saturated, try to include delicious keto friendly mashed cauliflowers instead of mashed potatoes. 

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Here you have it! A collection of healthy dinner recipes for weight loss which are neither boring, uninspired nor tasteless. Knowledge is key. You will be surpised how much more healthy and keto friendly dinner recipes for weight loss are out there of which you have never heard off. 

These ketogenic and weight loss friendly dinner recipes are so delicious that even your friends which still eat in a regular way will be surprised on how easy and tasty these recipes are.

This is your chance to win them over to start a healthier lifestyle. Invite your friends and family for dinner and cook them one of these delicious meals and chances are that you might win some over to embark on this weight loss journey together with you.

After all, sticking to a weight loss regimen is easier if done together where you can motivate each other, exchange new and exciting recipes and eat together. 

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The Custom Keto Diet was developed together with certified nutritionists and will give you a variety of delicious ketogenic recipes tailored to your individual taste preferences & weight loss goals! 

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