Is Coffee Good For Losing Weight? Caffeine For Weight Loss!

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Can Drinking Coffee Help With Weight Loss?


is coffee good for losing weight


This hot black drink we all know is amongst the most drank morning beverages worldwide, but is Coffee good for losing weight? More then 160 million servings of coffee are consumed each year by the global population. 

While most people drink coffee for a morning boost of energy, right before a workday starts, Coffee can also be helpful in your weight loss journey. 

Experts agree that when Coffee is consumed in moderate amounts and without too much additives like heavy milk, sugar or artificial sweeteners can actually have some beneficial health and weight loss related benefits. 

Continue to read to discover what you should know about coffee and how it can benefit weight loss. 


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Coffee To Lose Weight Fast 

Not only does Coffee contain caffeine but also important nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and flavonoids, which can be beneficial for proper muscle function, improve heart health and aid in digestion. 

Its key ingredient and probably the reason why most love their coffee, caffeine, has shown to boost metabolism and improve energy levels which can lead to weight loss. 


The following benefits of coffee can help you in your weight loss journey: 


The Caffeine in Coffee Boosts Metabolism

Caffeine as a stimulant can increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is a measurement for the rate at which your body burns energy at rest. A higher base BMR means that you can consume more calories through food each day without gaining weight. 

A study conducted in 2018 came to the conclusion that the participants got higher levels of metabolites, a by product of an elevated metabolism after 2 months.

However, keep in mind that studies linked to caffeine and increased metabolism are still under observation. Different individuals metabolize certain foods and drinks differently, which means its possible that caffeine can raise the BMR in one person and not in another person.


Black Coffee Is Very Low In Calories

A caloric deficit is the foundation of any successful weight loss diet. When you eat & drink fewer calories than you burn you most likely will lose weight. You can either achieve caloric deficite by consuming fewer calories daily, increase your daily activity to burn more calories or at best a combination of both. 

Black coffee is the ideal drink before your workouts given that it only contains less than 5 calories per serving. Keep in mind that coffee is only a low-calorie beverage when you drink it black – without added sugars or milk! 

Don´t underestimate the increase in calories when adding milk and sugar to your coffee, which can turn your weight loss coffee quickly into a sweet treat.  


Caffeine May Act As An Appetite Suppressant

Studies have shown that caffeine may be able to reduce levels of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for regulating hunger. While there is still not enough data to 100% support that claim, many anecdotal experiences of coffee drinkers seem to support that claim. 

Another study conducted in 2014 came to the conclusion that its participants felt elevated levels of fullness and were able to cut down their food intake just within 4 weeks of consuming coffee daily on basis of their ghrelin levels. 

Hormones like ghrelin & insulin (which spikes after very carb heavy meals) amongst other factors like the type of food you eat can influence our appetite. 


Coffee Is Low-Carb 

Coffee itself without sugar and milk is very low in carbohydrates and as such perfectly suited in a ketogenic diet, such as “The Custom Keto Diet”!


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Coffee And Weight Gain? 

While we explored that coffee comes with many weight loss related benefits, there are things to look out for to not make coffee your daily weight gainer! 


Stay Away From Pre-Made Coffee Drinks When Trying To Lose Weight 

When drinking coffee for weight loss is your main purpose, you always should prepare your coffee at home or in your office and all by yourself. 

Its best to stay away from pre-made coffee products from your grocery store because they are filled with fat, sugars and cream, making them close to eating a donut calorie wise. 

If you like to get your coffee at Starbucks or McDonalds, stay away from their syrup filled coffee products such as their Caramel Macchiato (250 calories) and ask for plain black coffee without sugar or coffee with low-fat almond milk and stevia. 


Coffee Can Lead To Insomnia

The caffeine found in Coffee can lead to insomnia in sensitive people. A poor sleep is often connected to increased hunger and appetite. Chances are you know that feeling on how you crave high-calorie foods after a night with very poor sleep. This can lead to weight gain by an increased calorie consumption. 

Its best to drink your last coffee at least 7-8 hours before bed time to get a relaxing and deep good nights sleep. 


starbucks coffee


How To Drink Coffee For Weight Loss

Common consensus is to not drink more than four 8-oz cups of coffee each day to achieve the best possible health and weight loss related benefits with coffee. This amount equates to 400mg of caffeine. 

If you are sensitive to caffeine it is advised to drink no more than two 8-oz cups of coffee each day. 

Also keep in mind that they way you prepare your coffee can have influence its caffeine content. One tablespoon coffee for two 8-oz cups should be sufficient. If you add more coffee powder, chances are your coffee will turn bitter and will overwhelm you with its high caffeine content. 

For weight loss, black coffee is the absolute best way to prepare. However, if you like your coffee to have more flavour the following options can enhance your daily coffee without adding too much calories to it: 


  • Sweeteners like Stevia
  • A small cup of sugar & fat free almond milk
  • Java Burn™


Drinking black coffee will at first be an unpleasant experience if you are not used to its taste. However, it takes about 3-4 weeks to adjust and get used to the flavour of black coffee. 

If you have a sensitive stomach it is best to drink your coffee together with breakfast or any other meal. The acidity in black coffee may cause an upset stomach if you are a sensitive person and drink your coffee on an empty stomach. This can be counterintuitive because increased digestive stress can lead to weight gain. 


What Is Java Burn And How Can It Turn My Coffee Into A Super Fatburner? 

Java Burn™ is the newest development from the weight loss industry. It is a powdered weight-loss formula containing powerful and all natural ingredients. It is distributed through its official website. While Java Burn™ powder is available on numerous third-party websites, we highly recommend to purchase Java Burn™ from the official website. 

Contrary to many other weight loss supplements which most often come in pill form or a mixed with water, Java Burn™ was specifically designed to create synergistic effects with the ingredients of coffee.

The powder has no own flavour, therefore, it won´t affect the flavour of your coffee and can be mixed with any type of coffee. The product itself dissolves neatly into the coffee. 

Java Burn™ and its patent pending formula only contains natural & safe ingredients and is free of stimulants, preservatives, and artificial colors, plus the product is non-GMO, vegetarian and gluten-free. 

Is Coffee good for losing weight? Yes and even more so when you add Java Burn™ to it! 


java burn powder



So, there you have your question of: Is Coffee good for losing weight, answered.

Coffee was and always will be one of natures oldest fat burning drinks if you know how to use it right. 

If you are not able to get used to the taste of black coffee you can always modify your coffee preferences by switching the calorie heavy ingredients of your coffee containing sugar and milk with non calorie heavy alternatives such as sweeteners instead of sugar and low-fat & low-sugar almond or soy milk to save some calories down the road and benefit of the awesome fat burning effects of coffee.

If you want to turn your coffee into an even more powerful fat burning drink add Java Burn™ to your daily coffee and see your pounds drop. Cheers! 

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