Is Pilates Good For Losing Weight? Weight Loss With Pilates!

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Pilates For Weight Loss: Does It Work? 

is pilates good for losing weight

Pilates can be considered a medium to low-intensity workout, but is Pilates good for losing weight? Before we dive in deeper. one thing is for certain, Pilates can help with building lean muscle mass, toning up and counter sloppy posture. Doing Pilates comes with many health benefits and can aid in maintaining healthy levels of bodyweight. 


Pilates Compared To Other Weight Loss Regimens

Contrary to high-intensity workouts like HIIT or intense cardio that targets multiple muscle groups at the same time, pilates is more of a slow and easy approach to exercising. Chances are, you may wont get the same weight loss results with pilates then with conventional cardio training, however following a consistent pilates routine can be a helpful addition to your weight loss journey. 

When you want to lose weight with your pilates routine, you need to be consistent and commited. Slowly but steady you should see the number on your scale plummet sooner or later when you follow a regular pilates routine. 

This Study dedicated to the question; Is pilates good for losing weight, found that its participants not only lowered their body mass index but they also got a more toned body and lost some weight. 

So, science definitely is on your site when you were asking yourself if pilates is good for losing weight. 


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How Pilates Can Help With Weight Loss 

Pilates can strengthen your muscle mass and enhance your posture by consisting of a series of low-intensity moves. Most notably, pilates targetes your abs and core muscle frame but is not limited to these areas and can include other areas of your muscles as well. 

While compared to other workouts the intensity during pilates is comparably at the lower end, your body still burns calories which in turn can help with weight loss. 

Most conventional pilates units last about 50 minutes which can potentialy help you burn of about 180 calories and even up to 255 calories when doing pilates on the highest intensity level. 

To compare: 30 Minutes of running burn about 200 calories on average, so the calories burned for a low-intensity workout like pilates is still significant. 

You can greatly improve your weight loss efforts when doing pilates in combination with other workouts, such as running or swimming and a ketogenic diet. 


Especially a ketogenic diet can help support your weight loss efforts when doing pilates by providing enough protein. Pilates is a good workout for your muscles. Active muscle mass burns calories even at rest because muscle mass is metabolically active, so one of the main priorities when seriously trying to lose weight (besides reducing calories) is to ensure, that your muscles are supported with enough protein to maintain healthy levels of lean muscle mass, which in turn can help you burn more calories. 



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How Much Weight Can You Lose By Doing Pilates? 

This is highly dependant on many other factors like diet, nutrition and overall activity levels so there cannot be given a definite number as an answer. 


How Long Does Pilates Take To Show Results?

Notable changes in physical appearance by doing pilates can be seen after three to eight weeks of following a consistent pilates routine. However, psychological changes such as feeling happier, relieved of stress and fatigue maz be felt much sooner. 


pilates weight loss

Is 30 Minutes A Day Pilates Enough To Lose Weight? 

Generally, 20 minutes for a session of pilates, 3 times a week, should suffice for supporting your weight loss efforts. Chances are that over time you will get more comfortable with doing pilates and want to increase session duration to 35 minutes or more, which is totally fine. 


Can Pilates Make You Gain Weight? 

Even if you feel that some pilates exercises are easy and low-intensity, some of your muscles might work very hard to maintain posture. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated during and after your session is essential to avoid dehydration. If you don´t drink enough fluid your body may respond with retaining water to compensate, which can result as increased numbers on your scale (water weight). 



Does Pilates Change Your Body?

If you follow a consistent pilates regimen, pilates can help to improve the appearance and shape of your body. Pilates improves your overall muscle tone by stimulating and strengthening your muscles. 


Other Benefits of Pilates 

Pilates, while Pilates is not the most efficient weight loss, it comes with many other benefits which can be considered healthy such as: 


  • Reducing Stress 
  • Relieving Fatigue 
  • Increased Mobility 
  • Improved Stability 
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression
  • Improved Breathing


These benefits can all benefit you greatly when you commit to other exercise routines on your weight loss journey and also in all walks of life. 


What is Better Pilates Or Yoga?

If your main focus is increasing your flexibility and improving your strength, we find that Pilates is definitely the better choice. However, if you are looking to enhance your overall wellness, yoga might be the more fitting option. Keep in mind that a lot depends upon the intensity of the classes you are doing. 


Does Yoga Help Lose Weight



Is pilates good for losing weight? Well, while you most likely won´t leave your pilates class sweat dripping like you would after an intense HIIT or cardio workout such as swimming or running, it is possible to get in good shape by doing pilates only. 

However, if you are looking for the most effective way to lose weight, rather focus on the right diet together with a more challening workout regimen and use the benefits of pilates for as a complementary workout and for developing the muscle strength to tackle a more intense approach to weight loss. 

Ketogenic diets, such as The Custom Keto Diet proved time and time again to be one of the most efficient weight loss approaches available. Tailored to your individual needs and taste and crafted together with nutritionists and experts in the field of ketogenic eating, “The Custom Keto Diet” can greatly support your weight loss efforts and bring out the maximum of your pilates workout regimen, by providing the necessary building blocks for the muscle mass you stimulate during your pilates classes. 


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