How To Lose Weight From Buttocks? | Tips To Reduce Butt Fat

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How To Lose Weight From Buttocks Introduction

How To Lose Weight From Buttocks

You probably have heard already a thousand times that all sound things take time and the same applies to your question of “How To Lose Weight From Buttocks”. Chances are that fat around your body has accumulated over years around your hips & butt – so you can´t expect to lose that weight overnight. 

But there are some good news as well: If done right you can have a lot of influence over your weight, even if you feel that this is not the case. Small tweaks & changes or even major changes to the way you approach weight loss can have a dramatic effect. 

Commit yourself to making some changes and you will be able to reap the rewards. 


Set Goals To Lose Weight On Your Buttock Area

It definitely aids if you know the basics on how weight loss actually works. One thing which cannot be denied is that genetics play a big role in weight gain and in weight loss. This means that different individuals tend to store fat more prominent in different areas of their bodies. 

Women mostly gain weight on their hip area, thighs, breasts, belly and buttocks, while men often times have a genetic predisposition to store fat around their bellies. 

However, dont forget that as you lose weight, you will lose it in all places. Chances are that your back might begin to look leaner before you see changes in your problem zones. 

Instead of relying solely on your scale and a certain number for your weight loss goals try setting goals focused around your eating habits and exercise regimen for solving your issue of how to lose weight from buttocks!

A sound approach like planning a certain number of hours for cardiovascular training each week and/or reducing your sugar intake by following a ketogenic diet.

Time and time again it was proved that setting goals like these over just reaching a certain number on your scale is the true and tested way to effectively reduce fat in problem areas!


The Custom Keto Diet


Reassess Your Diet 

Fat burning and weight loss are first and foremost a numbers game and the same applies if you looking for a solution on how to lose weight from your buttocks. If you consume less calories then your daily caloric needs you will lose weight.

You either can reach this by eating less or exercising more to create a caloric deficite. Of course a combination of both would bring the most benefit. 

Your daily caloric needs is different from individual to indivual. Factors like Gender, Age and Activity level all play into determining how many calories a day you need to consume to lose weight. 

Fortunately you dont have to spend a fortune or go see a doctor to determine your daily caloric need in todays day and age. There are many free apps for your smartphone available to determine your daily caloric needs. These apps will prompt you to enter your desired weight loss each week and ask you to enter your age, gender and activity level to assess how many calories you can consume each day to lose weight. You can find a free calculator here as well.



Regardless, you can implement these changes to start seeing some results: 


  • Swap your common pasta or bread with products consisting of whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice and bread with whole wheat. 


  • Include fresh organic vegetables and fruits like raspberries into your daily diet 


  • Swap to low fat dairy products instead of using whole fat diary products to save some additional calories 


  • Reduce your sugar intake by choosing desserts and beverages low in sugar 



  • Measure your foods if possible with a kitchen scale to determine the exact calorie count


Monitoring calories will be crucial for losing weight from your buttocks and you will be shocked how many calories you can save a day by following these tips. If you want to see fast results you always need to keep an eye on your daily caloric intake. 


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Increase Fat Loss Around Your Buttocks By Working Out Smart

Home Fitness

Not only will aerobic activity increase your caloric deficit for faster weight loss it also will strengthen your muscles. Muscle mass is metabolically active which means the more muscle mass you have the more your body is capable to burn calories, even when you rest. 

It is a win-win scenario. You work out, burn calories and lose more weight by doing some sort of aerobic exercise. If you do this regularly you will not only burn calories and lose weight through the workout itself but also through building and maintaining muscles in the process. 

This is why its crucial to consume lean protein foods like fish, white meat or eggs and why ketogenic diets work like a charm if done right. Not only will meals high in protein keep you saturated & satisfied longer but they also aid in maintaining and building that precious muscle mass. 

Swimming, running, going for a bike ride or take your dog to a hike – Every physical activity burns calories – The longer/more intense you can do these the more calories you will burn. 

If you are already doing cardiovascular exercises regularly try to up the intensity to burn even more calories or do it a few minutes longer then you are used to. 

Interval training is a very good method to increase the intensity of your workouts. This type of exercise consists of alternating phases of intense physical activity together with slow-down phases. 

Instead of sitting on your treadmill for 45 minutes, try to reduce your workout to 20 minutes with bursts of 1 minute of high intensity sprinting followed by another minute of treading very slowly to recover and get some air. 

If you are fit enough to do those intervalls you can actually burn more calories while working out for a lesser period of time. 

The so-called afterburn effect of intervall training will let your body burn additional calories even hours after you have finished your intervall training. 


Strong Muscles Will Burn Fat Around Your Buttocks

Like already mentioned above, healthy levels of muscle mass can significantly speed up weight loss. Not only will your buttocks feel and appear more firm when you train them but also these muscles will burn more calories even if you do nothing.

You probably feel tempted to leave out working out your buttocks when you already perceive them as to big and plan on losing weight before but let me tell you that this is not the optimal way.

It may seem counterintuitive to increase the appearance of your buttocks by working the muscles in your butt area but these strengthen muscles will help you to not only lose fat around this area but all across your body. By the time you have reached a certain level, the fat around your buttocks has diminished and your butt muscles are already built up so strong and firm that you will have a firm and fit butt.

Neglecting strength & muscle training around your buttocks and only going for fat loss can result in a flabby appearance of your buttocks.

You dont have to have a gym membership for effectively working out your muscles especially on your buttocks area. You can do squats, step-ups and plenty of other exercises from the comfort of your home. Running or jogging will also strengthen your buttocks and build and maintain overall muscles in your body.



You see there are immediate things you can do to finally solve your question of how to lose weight from buttocks. The bottomline is that it is not possible to only lose weight in a certain target area of your body.

However, losing overall weight and building muscles will sooner or later also result in reduced fat around your problem areas such as your buttocks.

Keep following these tips & tricks and you will be surprised how you finally can have your desired buttocks shape.

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