Can You Get Stretch Marks When Losing Weight?

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Spotting Stretch Marks When Losing Weight

stretch marks losing weight

If you spotting purple or red markings on your skin while losing weight that look like stripes made out of scar tissue, chances are that you have stretch marks.

The first thing which comes in mind when we spot these ugly looking marks is how to get rid of them.

This phenomena typically occur as a result of quick stretching of your skin which can rip apart the inner layers of your skin.

You may have wondered if these stretch marks are a danger to your health or if they are here to stay forever.

Keep reading to find out the important details you need to know about stretch marks and weight loss.


Signs That You Have Stretch Marks

Stretch marks come in different shapes and colours. Sometimes they appear purple, black, pink, red or pale white. Newer formed stretch marks usually will look slightly raised with a reddish colour.

Mostly stretch marks lose their colour over time and eventually start to develop a more whiteish colour which doesnt make them as standoutish like they used too. It is also common for very old stretch marks to look like classic scars. 

Stretch marks can be found anywhere and have no direct correlation with losing weight or diet. Most often they can be found on the hips, thighs, breasts, arms and buttocks area. 

Men can also develop stretch marks but mostly on areas like their back, abdomen or shoulders. 


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What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are no direct cause of losing weight but rather of rapid weight gain. Your skin is very elastic but needs time to adjust to your overall body volume. If you gain too much weight too quick your skin has not enough time to keep up with adapting its elasticy to cope with the increased volume of fat or muscle. 


Stretch marks are no direct result of obesity or unhealthy lifestyle. People who commonly suffer from stretch marks are: 


  • Pregnant women
  • Bodybuilders
  • Teenager who have a burst of height growth in their puberty 
  • Obese People 


Also getting stretch marks can also be a genetic factor. Cushing´s syndrome (a syndrome which causes excess cortisol levels which impact the elasticity of skin fibers) and Marfan Syndrome (a syndrome which impacts the strength of connective tissue) can cause stretch marks for both male and female without undergoing extreme changes in body volume.  



Will Stretch Marks Disappear? 

Stretch marks are essentially scars and as such are hard to get rid of completely. They will eventually fade in colour over time not standing out as they used to, however, in most cases stretch marks will be visible for life. 

There are certain treatments and topical products such as lotions to reduce the appearance of newly formed stretch marks. While they only can help in fading their colour at best dont assume that these products will get rid of them completely. 

There are certain methods to reduce the possibility of stretch marks forming when treated early. We have you covered with some simple early treatment methods. 


Are Stretch Marks A Result Of Losing Weight? 

This can be answered with no. Stretch marks are a result of rapid weight gain. By the time you are about to lose weight. stretch marks have already formed and are not a direct result of losing weight. Flabby & soggy skin are correlated to weight loss when a huge amount of weight was lost in the process.  


stretch marks losing weight


How To Treat Stretch Marks?

While it can be nearly impossible to avoid getting stretch marks when the “right” conditions are met, there are certain things you can do to minimize the chances of developing stretch marks. 


Drink plenty of fluid

Skin without proper hydration has a higher likelyhood of forming tears in the inner skin layers where the skin stretches and reacts to rapid weight gain. Drinking enough water keeps your skin well hydrated and soft which can improve the elasticity of your skin minimizing the risks of damaging your skin. 

Caffeinated beverages typically dehydrate your skin which in turn can increase the likelihood of drying out your skin. 


Consume the right foods 

One of the many essential building blocks for a healthy skin are protein and Vitamin C. Healthy sources of protein are found in seafood, white meat, fish and nuts. 

While healthy sources of Vitamin C are delicious fruits like raspberries or grapefruit

Following a ketogenic diet which is rich in proteins and vitamins not only will help you to keep your skin healthy & elastic but also can prevent rapid weight gain. 


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Antioxidants are nutrients found mostly in fruit and vegetables and do not belong to the essential class of nutrients like vitamins & minerals. However science discovered over time that some of these antioxidants even surpass the class of essential nutrients in what they provide for our bodies. 

Even the cosmetic industry started to include antioxidants like found in grape seeds into their skin care products. Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the peel of grapes also has shown to fight oxidative stress in the body (a main cause for our aging process involved in wrinkles and dry, unelastic skin) and is found in many skin care & cosmetic products today. 

The easiest way to profit of these little supernutrients, which not only benefit your skin & overall health but also have shown to be able to prevent or slow down the development of diseases like cancers, is to make the right smoothies at home, fully packed with all the vitamins, minerals & antioxidants your body needs to radiate from the inside out. 

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There are a variety of oils and lotions on the market that claim to help reducing the appearance of stretch marks. 

These topical products contain ingredients that are supposed to stimulate elastin and collagen levels in your skin to support your skins ability to regenerate and heal. 

Vitamin E found in many of these topical products can improve the skins elasticity and can improve the appearance of already formed stretch marks. 

However, while this can be an additional help to reduce the risk of developing new stretch marks they are not likely to make already formed stretch marks disappear completely.


skin cream



There is a process called “microneedling” which is used by dermatologists and beauty doctors recently.

Microneedling is used to treat hair loss, wrinkles and improving the appearance of stretch marks.

The treatment consists of rolling a wheel of 100s of tiny needles repeatedly over certain areas, causing micro-fractures to the skin to provoke the skin during its healing process to repair these areas with elastin & collagen and other healing factors. 

While microneedling seems to work good for treating wrinkles & hair loss, this method also wont get rid completely of stretch marks but they can improve their appearance. 



Stretch marks are not a symptom of losing weight. Your body forms stretch marks when your skin is rapidly stretched to an extend where your skin has not enough time keep up with adapting to this volume with forming proper elasticity. 

While there are virtually no ways to get rid of stretch marks once they have formed, there are certain things you can do to let their appearance at least fade a little bit. 

The best way to prevent stretch marks from forming is to have your nutrition & hydration in check. First to prevent rapid weight gain and second to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients to mitigate the forming of stretch marks when a sudden weight gain is inevitable (pregnancy, bodybuilding etc.).

The use of topical products such as creams & oils which claim to help against stretch marks would benefit you more when using them regularly before your experience a rapid burst of weight gain. 

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