How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy? | Step-By-Step Guide

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How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

How can I lose weight after pregnancy

You have just given life to a newborn . You check yourself out in your bathroom mirror and see these nasty rolls of body fat on your hips, stretch marks and saggy skin and then you go on Google to search for: “How to lose weight after pregnancy”.

But don´t panic, after all it’s natural, as nine months of pregnancy change the adult female body. But I get it, it still doesn’t change the very fact that you simply don’t like what you see and you’re not comforted by the thought that you aren’t alone.

I bet you want to change this, take care of your physique again and reach your pre-pregnancy weight again?

Am I right? 🙂 We will share some tips with you how to lose post-pregnancy weight in an relatively easy and effortless way. The truth is that your weight was increasing steadily for nine months, so you can’t expect to return to your pre-pregnancy look and size within a couple of days of parturition.

There’s no use cheating yourself – if you’re not one among these lucky women who seem to possess the return to their pre-pregnancy shape encoded in their blood or genes, then it’ll require time, effort, systematic actions and appropriate diet.

But rest assured, if followed with discipline and dedication, it’ll not take some frightening amounts of your time or effort. Let´s examine how to lose weight after pregnancy. 


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Body Mass Gain During The Pregnancy Phase

There’s is little to no way around weight gain during pregnancy, of course. But it is vital to know what proportion of weight you ought to gain, why your body is putting on pounds and the way it plays a factor in what happens after the newborn arrives.So, what proportion of weight should a female gain during pregnancy? Well, that all depends on her body mass index (BMI) before she gets pregnant. [BMI Calculator]

The Institute of Medicine states (IOM), women who can be considered underweight should aim to realize 28 to 40 lbs. (12.7 to 18.1 kg); women with a BMI in the “norm” should aim to realize 25 to 35 lbs. (11.3 to 15.9 kg); women within the overweight category should aim to realize 15 to 25 lbs. (6.8 to 11.3 kg); and females within the obese category should aim to realize 11 to 20 lbs. (5.0 to 9.1 kg). (Females who are pregnant with twins, there are higher recommended weight gain amounts.)



how to lose weight after pregnancy

Although all of the experts interviewed concluded that exercise and diet strategies for postpartum weight loss don’t really differ from the strategies one would use for weight loss at the other time of life, after parturition, women may have one unique advantage: breast-feeding.

For example, a study conducted in 2008 came to the conclusion that breast-feeding could also make a significant contribution, eliminating postpartum weight retention by 6 months in many females.

Certainly, there are several factors that play a task in whether breast-feeding has an impact on weight loss, including how intensively and the way how long a mother breast-feeds.

Simply put, breast-feeding contributes to higher calorie usage — the body requires extra energy to form milk. (However, this won’t be the whole explanation. Researchers haven’t yet tested whether other factors also contribute to weight loss related to breast-feeding.


How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy: When is The Best Time?

You should know that adult female body is so programmed that the simplest time to lose post-pregnancy weight is inthe first six months after giving birth. We are helped therein by our hormones. During birth, along side placenta birth, levels of estrogen and progesterone, liable for accumulation of fat tissue during pregnancy, drop.


How Long Does it Take To Lose Baby Weight?

The puerperium, lasting for six–eight weeks after a childbirth, may be a time required by adult female body to recover after pregnancy and birth. During that point , you want to lookout of yourself and you ought to not overstrain yourself.

This is often a crucial recommendation, because excessive effort may end in the separation of post-birth or post-caesarean wounds.

The puerperium is that the time for recovery, but doesn’t need to be the time of idleness. However, it’s rarely so. The very care after the baby, getting up within the night, walks, are a workout necessary to burn calories.

Combine these with light Kegel muscles exercises and exercises stretching and flexing individual groups of muscles, including stomach muscles, and you’ll begin to recover your shape.

However, whenever you are feeling dizzy, weak, see floaters, notice increasing bleeding or post-birth discharges – stop them immediately. And consult a doctor before trying again. Your health is that the most vital thing.


how to lose weight after pregnancy


How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy: How Much Will I Lose?

This is a individual process which can´t be generalized but comes down to the below factors which greatly can be the answer on how to lose weight after pregnancy.



Regardless of whether you breastfeed or not, a diet reducing the energy value of daily caloric demand isn’t recommended after birth.

Childbirth and pregancy was a quite exhausting phase for your body, and now you face a replacement, demanding and challenging task – care after your baby boy or baby girl, so you’ve got to be in good shape and provide your body with all necessary nutrients.


  • Go for a well-balanced, diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Ensure it contains tons of proteins, mainly coming from red meat and fish, carbohydrates which will offer you energy, and fibre facilitating metabolism.


  • Prepare meals during a healthy way, by steam-cooking, baking, roasting and grilling.


  • Hydrate your body sufficiently. you ought to drink drinking water , occasionally choosing highly mineralized one. Minimize sweetened juices, avoid carbonated drinks.


  • Eat often but small amounts; choose healthy snacks. Almonds, seeds and nuts are an excellent supplement of your diet.
    Give up sweets, alcohol, nutriment and highly-processed food completely.


  • Eat last meal a minimum of four hours before sleep.



Exercising: While exercise is a great way to answer your question on how to lose weight after pregnancy, physical activity should be started slowly, without overburdening the exhausted body, you ought to hear its signals. The puerperium is to take time for your wounds to heal and strength to recover. Walks – don’t choose first walks alone and too far away from your home. You want to learn your strength after childbirth, and it’ll increase with every day.

For the primary few weeks walk slowly. In time, increase the amount of kilometres walked. Kegel muscles exercises, that is, exercises strengthening pelvic floor muscles – flex the muscles even as if you wanted to prevent urine flow, hold for a couple of seconds, and relax.

Start with a couple of contractions, and gradually increase the amount and frequency of flex-relax cycles, until you reach a couple of series of several contractions; you’ll exercise in any position. It’s good to exercise muscles surrounding the anus during a similar way. Stretching and flexing muscles – work on individual groups of muscles, flex them, hold for a couple of seconds, and relax.

Straighten your back, pull your scapula together, flex, and relax. Pull your buttocks up, flex, and relax. Do similar things for muscles in legs, hands and the other you’ll discover 🙂 Slowly and gradually you’ll start stomach muscles exercises – work with muscles in such how as if you tried to attach your navel to the spine. Do these exercises breathing normally all the time.

how much weight do you lose after birth


The exercises flexing and relaxing your muscles don’t require much, and are invisible or hardly noticeable to people around you, so you’ll exercise anywhere and while doing many other things. and that is the thing – it’s regularity that matters here.

After a follow-up visit to the gynaecologist, usually scheduled around six weeks after birth, when everything is OK, and therefore the doctor allows you to travel ahead, you’ll increase the intensity of your exercises. Continue with these you probably did during the puerperium, you’ll increase their frequency and strength.


Intensive walks – Replace slow walks with intensive walks with a pram, an hour long intensive walk 3 times every week will have a superb fat-burning effect. Once you have that chance and may leave without a pram, then Nordic walking is a superb solution.

This dynamic way of walking with poles won’t only assist you to lose extra kilograms, but also will provide your body with fresh air and support about 90% of your body muscles, including your back muscles. Stomach muscles exercises – well… bad news is, the looks of skin on your stomach doesn’t only depend upon muscles elasticity, skin firmness and thickness of fat tissue also are of importance, but here we enter a zone of diet and genetic predispositions.

However, the muscles should be exercised and it’s worthwhile, because only this manner you’ll get your flat stomach back. So continue together with your exercises from the puerperium period – pull in your stomach, as if you would like to attach your navel to your spine, and hold it for several seconds, repeat frequently.


Work your diagonal abdominal muscles – Lay down on your back with your legs bend and hands on your nape, lift your head and simultaneously turn your shoulders alternately. Repeat this exercise a couple of times, in several series.Do crunches – lay on your back with legs bend and hands on your nape, lift your head and shoulders without moving your elbows. Repeat this exercise a couple of times, in several series.


Twirl hula-hoop – It’s a superb exercise to stretch your stomach muscles and slimmer your waist.Exercises for your breasts – they’re going to assist you to enhance firmness and shape of your breasts.


Flexing – Stand with you legs slightly apart, together with your arms bent at elbows and joined along forearms; flex and relax your muscles moving hands to the edges . The exercise is simpler once you add some load, e.g., dumbbells.

In the next exercise, put your palms together ahead of you as if you wanted to wish , press your palms strongly together, hold them for a couple of seconds, and relax; repeat several times.Push-ups on knees – kneel on the bottom, your buttocks should form a line together with your back. Bend your hands at elbows, so your breast almost touch the ground then return to the initial position. Repeat the exercise several times.Fitness exercises – the increasing number of clubs offers sessions for young mums.

There are adapted to needs of girls who have recently born and, what can really be important, you’ll attend them together with your baby. this will be a superb thanks to combine business (loosing weight) with pleasure (you will meet other mums, maybe make new friends).


Swimming poolSwimming engages many groups of muscles during a simple and unburdening way, including the muscles of your shoulders, stomach, back, legs, chest and thighs; additionally, working against water pressure you model your shape more effectively. Other sports – actually, you’ll be physically active in any way you would like and may consider.

You’ll return to your pre-pregnancy passion, and if you probably did not do any sports then, now it’s really a time to believe it. True, you’ve got less time, but stronger, or a minimum of more visible motivation.


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How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy: Conclusion

Keep in mind that you should always consult a doctor when you want to make a change in diet, in your exercise regimen or if you want to use supplements, especially when you still are breastfeeding! 

While it can take a lot of patience and hard work to lose weight after giving birth, you can speed up the process by using a good diet program like The Custom Keto Diet!

Weight Gain after pregnancy seems to be a challenge for many mothers wheter it is their first pregnancy or a second, third or more. Many women seem to freak out and get nervous with their weight after pregnancy but rest assured that this is, in most cases, pretty normal.

Hormonal changes which occure at every pregnancy are factors for your weight, keep that in mind when thinking about how to lose weight after pregnancy. 

As well already stated in this article, weight loss (and weight gain) are not simply a matter of calories. While calorie consumption plays a part, hormonal influences are at least equal if not more important for weight loss.

In our articleHow much weight can I lose in 3 weeks?we exposed the traditional way of how we are told weight loss works and stressed the importance of hormones, when trying to lose weight.

Do you have additional tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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